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Katrina Miyoko is one of the most popular and well-respected reporters currently within Austin. She graduated at the top of her Class in 2010 from the University of Texas. She made her big break while working for one of the smaller papers by exposing a criminal smuggling ring within Austin. It's noteworthy that she received several threats surrounding the story, and still pressed on. She now does the evening news for KVUE as well as writes for the Statesman. She has a reputation that once she latches onto a story, she won't let it go until she sees it through to the end. She was voted #1 in 2016 in Austin for the '30 Under 30' awards for Media. She frequently can be found down around 6th Street frequently a variety of establishments, unwinding after a day at the office or following up on rumors and trends.


  • Incredibly skilled reporter; she often is the first one in the city to break news of what's going on; many believe she has a laundry list of contacts throughout the city.
  • Not many publicly known associates or friends; she guards her personal life fiercely - and thus far - has managed to be successful at doing so.
  • Has been the target of threats and intimidation in the past; however, no harm ever came to her.


  • "Katrina can simply be said to be a delight to those that know her. Her uncanny knack for breaking stories is a boon to her friends and- at best- a great hindrance for those that do not count her as such." - Felix Winchester
  • "She's so Shiny.. Like an Ice Cream Sundae after a day in the sundrenched waters.." - Gabriel Kole
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name


  • Has recently been investigating the Mayor of Austin, Jonathan Rios.
  • Is close friends with high-profile socialite Angelina Harbors.
  • Must be hiding something if she keeps such a tight lid on her personal life.
  • Is working on a story that many "if published, will rock the city to its core."
  • Must have powerful friends in high places if she manages to always stay safe despite the people and events she investigates.



  • Unknown at this time...


  • Unknown at this time...


Katrina Miyoko

Domain: Austin, TX
VST: Austin VST

This character is an NPC in the Austin Masquerade C/A game.
Please contact the Austin VST if you would like to interact with this character.