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Take me out into the darkness and whisper I am free. Say you know my secrets and that you’ll leave me be.

Take away my life support and leave me sucking void; I haven’t got the answers and I’m going paranoid.

Commonly Known Information


Name: LSM071-KF7 / KayEffSeven

Notable Traits: A petite woman in her late 40s with brown hair cut short, with her most notable features being her cybernetic left arm, cybernetic eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of her face. On her right cheek is a barcode with the Katharos house logo subtly worked in.

Type: Synthetic Human

Character Type Subgroup: Repair Synth

Union: Explorer

Employer: Guild of Solista Botanical Spa - Community Outreach Project


LSM071-KF7 was manufactured by House Katharos in year 4071 as part of a batch of 10 high quality repair synths ordered by a company starting a mining station in a dangerous asteroid belt. She outlasted most and has spent about four decades doing repair and maintenance work to keep things running for the other synths that are based out of that station. When a terrible accident resulted in her being severely damaged, the company decided it was cheaper to replace her than to fix her. The other synths disagreed and donated plug-ins, including ones she had made, to help her. She was cast out by the company and came to Wayfinder Station looking for work.

Basic Timeline:

4071: Born as a repair Synth, trained, and sent to a mining station in an asteroid field.

4079: The mining station changed ownership, resulting in a drastic decrease in support and quality of life.

4088: Started studying plugins and working to repair and create ones for synths on the station.

4108: Synth Liberation hit the mine site; KF7 refused to escape, pointing out how much her work helps to protect the other Synths there.

4116: An accident happened as equipment gave out, resulting in many Synths getting killed and KF7 being severely damaged. Surviving synths donated plugins to help her after management decided she was not worth the investment.

4117: Recovered and cast out, KF7 gets work on ships as she travels looking for a new home

4118: Arrives at Wayfinder station looking for work.


  • May likely give Evander grey hair.
  • She's more machine now than Woman. Twisted and Evil...
  • Voted most likely to start a vat grown farm for food.
  • Taking her to dinner is an adventure.
  • Rumor here.


  • "The power differential between us means that I will always be on sufferance among those who can unmake me. " - KayEffSeven
  • "I am broken. And I am defective. But I am still Katharos, and that means that once I was among the best that could be made." - KayEffSeven
  • "It's rare for House Katharos to manufacture a synth capable of understanding what 'retirement' is. To my knowledge, KF7 is the first to ever reject that privilege. I can't decide if I should be proud of its industriousness, or pleased at how its faulty programming could undermine my former family." - Evander Katharos
  • " Kindhearted & Knowledgeable. Iskra is pleased to be able to get her on her feet and doing the work she loves. Iskra is much happy to work with her and to be her friend." Iskra
  • "Such a sweet curious individual trapped on a station of conflicting social norms. It will be interesting to see how she adapts. " Alek Hawthorne
  • "Fear and Discipline." - Fabien_Phist
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  • Feel free to add a quote.

OOC Information

Player: Rebecca Gearhart

Player Email: outofthedepthsicall@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kelsey Greene

Storyteller Email: vst.space@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

Location: Wayfinder Station