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=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Kayi Zav

Notable Traits: Verge Spacer

Type: Werewolf

Character Type Subgroup: Ithaeur, Hunters in Darkness

Union: Explorer

=== Biography ===

Kayi Zav is from the Wreck in the Xion Taul system. Raised in extreme poverty she saw the brutality of an extreme devide of civilization. Talented with numbers she was able to apprentice and eventually raise her way out of the poverty. The minute she was able to aford a ship out, she ran. In other places on the wreck she saw the dangers of strange technology posed to those around them.

She could not tell you when the accident happened. the crash of her small ship, and left in a life or death situation, she changed. she becamed something else. She became a werewolf. After the change she found another lost soul, Rakesh and they began to travel together. At first they worked with several others in a start of a pack, but she never fit in.

In another system she found a bit more of a safe place. The wayfinder station in the Tanaris system had things she was looking for. She still struggles to feel safe or comfortable, but she finds friendships and work here. friends from Xion Taul come as well. Recently she lost herself again when the station experienced a huge event. for a long time she was lost, but is slowly finding a new life as a new person.

She and her partner, Rakesh, opened their own shop, Lunar Exports. This import shop gives her space to start organizing expeditions to find things of interest. She is also a freelance accountant.

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=== OOC Information ===

Player: Sarah Haynes

Player Email: faeasicari@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jake Whisman

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-space-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: MES Virtual Space