Keelyn Shannahan ne Galbraith

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Silent Judgement


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Notable Traits

She is a woman in her early 40s with wild dark auburn hare and eyes are a combination of yellow, blue, and green. She always keeps her hair covering the right side of her face and shoulder to cover the claw marks on her face and the bite mark on her shoulder.

Information Known

  • Tribe: Fianna
  • Auspice: Philodox
  • Breed: Homid
  • Rank: Fostern
  • Sept of the Fallen Heroes
  • Pack: Between Worlds

Keelyn Shannahan was a Fianna kinfolk who had already done her duty to the Garou Nation by birthing three children, two of whom shifted during puberty, the other a kinfolk, when she was bitten by force. She resents the change because she was content with her life as a successful and prominent environmental lawyer in Galway, Ireland. She came from old money and only increased it with her successful practice, another source of resentment for her as she was forced to leave it behind to fulfill the duties of her new role in a new country. She is resilient though and has pushed to set up her life once more in the U.S., this time without all she held dear: her children save one, Astrid, who came with her. She has become the voice of the kinfolk and finds the poor treatment they endure intolerable.


  • Grandfather: Sean Galbraith
    • Father:
    • Mother:
      • Keelyn Galbraith ne Shannahan
      • Husband: Aiden Shannahan (Deceased)
        • Son: Padraic Shannahan NPC
        • Daughter: Brighid Shannahan NPC
        • Daughter: Astrid Shannahan (Kinfolk) NPC


  • 1977 – Born in Galway, Ireland
  • 1994 - Married/Mated Aiden Shannahan, a Fianna Theurge
  • 1996 – Son, Padraic was born
  • 1997 – Daughter, Brighid was born
  • 1998 – Daughter, Astrid was born
  • 2007 – Oldest children shift
  • 2016 – Her husband is killed to defend their territory
  • 2018 – (February 1st) Bitten by force by her Uncle at her open defiance to the Garou Nation by refusing to mate with another
  • 2018 – (March 1st) Survived the transformation
  • 2018 – (November 18th) Arrived in Macon, GA after being forced to move to U.S. and leave her entire life, and her two shifter children, behind
  • 2019 - (January 19th) Named the Sect's Den Parent
  • 2019 - (May 18th) Challenged and won the right to become Fostern
  • 2019 - (August 17th) Challenged the Sept Truth Catcher and won, earning her place as the Sept Truth Catcher

Rumors and Quotes

  • She defected factions.
  • Her Uncle is a powerful mover and shaker among the Fianna who stalks her every movement.
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OOC Information

Player: US2018070047

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kirk McCullar

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Location: Macon, GA