Keezheekoni "Raven" Blackfeather

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Keezheekoni "Raven" Blackfeather

Notable Traits: Has a black turtle mark on her left wrist. Severe torture scars covering her body. Uses Ravens wings a lot

Pack: Tempts Fate



Raven grew up in North Dakota band of Chippewa Uktena.

Her family was Reedemers of the bitter frost.

Traveled all over with her father learning lores and languages and training to become like a theurge

In mid 2015 Raven was captured by a pack of BSD's and presumed dead.

Months later Word came she was alive, Her Father, his pack, Her mother and brother went to rescue her.

Only Raven survived because she was told to fly away and she did.

Raven an orphan packed up her things, bought a bus and converted it into a mobile Herb shop and traveled around the US never staying too long in one place

In early 2017 Raven stayed for a while in San Diego

In late 2017 Raven moved to Arizona

In 1/2018 Raven mated to Goodness Gracious Fostern Uktena Theurge

In April 2017 Raven was blessed by both Columbia and Tolba for her work in balancing Great Turtle.

In April 2017 Raven saved many shifters lives during the battle against Bhictoria. Surviving a brutal attack from Bichtoria herself.

In May 2018 Raven left the Sept of Warriors Wisdom abruptly after returning her dead Den Father's body to the Sept.

In October 2018 was Geased by Bane Incarna Snapping Turtle to Sacrifice Royal Werewolves in tribute to him.

In November 2018 was murdered by Queen Sabine's BSD nephew.

While captured by the BSD, she asked the Bane Incarna Snapping Turtle for help. He came to her rescue. Although he was too late to help her, the Bane still helped the other GAIAN Kinfolk who were with her, and carrying her body to saftey against other Wyrm creatures.


  • "Of the two, it's safer to piss off her mate, he might ignore it...but her...she'll track you down and make you fix it." - Anonymous
  • "A kinfolk that knows how to interact with Garou. She has her head on straight to be sure." - Glow Bug
  • I think I got picked up, and swallowed... But I didn't get hurt.- Raven after completing her 5th rite of awakening
  • "I'm not sure what bothers me more: When she's wrong, or when she's right." - Dennis


  • Was/is a bsd Kinfolk
  • BSD Mate hunts for her still today.
  • Most liked Kinfolk among the Garou Nation
  • Most Hated Kinfolk among the Garou Nation
  • Is actually a mage but uses magic to disguise herself
  • Beloved by Wyld, Weaver, AND Wyrm spirits
  • Rumors go here

OOC Information

Player: Lacey Coggins

Player Email:

Storyteller: Justin Searles

Storyteller Email:

Location: Los Angeles, Ca