Keith Campbell

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Keith Campbell

Notable Traits: Keith commonly wears western fashion and speaks with a southern drawl. Additionally, he maintains a warmth and vitality usually missing in lifeless Kindred as a whole, much less Setites.

Society: Independent Alliance
Temple: The Palace of Veils
Clan: Follower of Set


Keith appeared on the scene about a century or so ago, and quickly established a venue of entertainment that has since travelled with him. It's current form is a nightclub called "The Sandstorm".


  • Legend has it that Keith was originally a bank robber from Nevada.
  • Other stories go that Keith was a steamboat gambler upon the Mississippi
  • Despite Keith's abundant humanity, something terribly rotten is underneath the surface.


  • "Ain't exactly like most Settites, and that suits me fine. Good to know there's a man knows how to deal fair still." - Clint
  • "This game, this town, this alliance wouldn't be half of what it is today without Keith." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "It might be the drugs that night or the taste of his was worth the cost." - Karma
  • "Country Keith is about the only person I'd have to be an advocate. He's way better spoken than just about any of us." - Jaxon
  • "Best boss I've ever had, no contest. Ain't nobody fuckin' with him either, so you know he's doing something right." - Enzo Giovanni
  • “You know what I enjoy most about some people? Keith, Shaherazadi, hell the whole Setite clan or church you name it? Half the Assamites, too. It’s the clear understanding. Now, you hear me out for this one. You know exactly what you’re getting in to here. Ain’t no surprises. Ain’t nothing but the contract and you best read it. He’s alright. We got an understanding. We are just two people who appreciate the value in a good contract.” - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "He showed that there is a strategy to even the seemingly mundane game of Checkers. Always watch a perceptive man." - Roman
  • "Keith got me thinking. I may have a low opinion of his kind, but they ain't never let me down yet." - Clint
  • "Whatever you're thinking Setites look like... he breaks that mold into a million pieces." - Payback
  • Quote


  • Al Swearengen - Deadwood, TV show
  • The Bene Gesserit Order - Dune, Book Series
  • The Director of Project Freelancer - Red vs Blue, Web Series
  • Maverick - Maverick, Movie

OOC Information

Player: John "Decker" Pool

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Storyteller: Daniel Briscoe

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Location: Austin, TX