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Character Details

Name: Kelly Pythia

Real Name: Known only to a select few

Notable Traits: Angelic Visage

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Lasombra

Lineage: House Pythia

Domain: Martinique


Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 25

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Long, straight, blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Athletic

Public Information


Initiated, Blessed, Sabbat


Died as a result of being diablerised in Martinique in March 2018.


  • Has a possessive streak a mile wide.
  • Led an attack on a Tremere Chantry just to kidnap one member.
  • Has a soft spot for broken things. Though she usually breaks them again if they get better...
  • (Feel free to add your own)


  • "I heard she had a childe once that fell to corruption. I watch her now, not because I fear the weakness that claimed her childe will claim her, but she will find the architect behind this corruption before I do. I hate sloppy seconds when it comes to bringing violence." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "One of the many teachers of the heart I've got to call on. Damn, a girl couldn't ask for a better education." - Hannah Phillips
  • "My dearest Ductus! She can be a difficult woman to read, but I like the challenge of it. Like using Google Translate to figure out a book in a foreign language. If that book is a dictionary for yet another foreign language, and the internet connection is lousy." - Prescott

Friends, allies, and others

  • Astraea - Friend, mentor, House member
  • Sebastian - One of Kelly's many Childe, House member
  • Salomé - Another of Kelly's Childe.
  • Alida - Friend, pack member.
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  • Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls
  • Miracle of Sound - Binary Divide
  • Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark (Demo)
  • Blind Guardian - The Ninth Wave
  • Miracle of Sound - Hell to Pay
  • Miracle of Sound - Higher Tonight
  • Papa Roach - I Almost Told You That I Loved You

OOC Information

Player: Sam S. (aka Drakka)

Story Teller: None - Character deceased

Coordinator: Hilary Sklar

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).