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Sabbat in Vernon



“...Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing/Doubting...” -Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven"

The Sabbat has recently liberated the city of Vernon from the Camarilla. Since the passing of the Red Star and the Blood Accord being struck, Sabbat high and low have withdrawn to their havens and seek to mend their wounds. The Sabbat has been bloodied, but not beaten, and the ranks of the army must be replenished if it is to bring enlightenment to Kindred everywhere. However, Caine is a difficult father to please, and in order to struggle towards truth, the ambitious Cainites of the Sabbat are forced to endure the despair and tragedy of surviving the end of days, and the horrors that are barely concealed under Vernon's pastoral beauty.

Setting (Full VSS)

This game takes place in Vernon, BC


1811 - David Stuart of the North West Company is the first European to see the Okanagan valley

1863 - Sabbat grew in influence in Kamloops until the Gold Rush and the establishment of the CPR station there, which drew the attention of the Camarilla who then promptly took over the city.

1890 - Nomadic Sabbat packs found Vernon to be a suitable new feeding ground and became established there. At the same time, Lord and Lady Aberdeen of Scotland toured the city and established an orchard there to bring prosperity to the area. A companion in the party bears a dark secret; he is watching over and transporting a powerful member of the Sabbat to the region. This person would go on to become the Archbishop of Vernon.

1892 - Vernon is connected to the Transnational railroad via the Sushwap Okanagan connector. As Vernon becomes a beacon for the Sabbat, a bastion of hope for the word of Caine, packs flock to the city. It swells in size and population to the point where it overshadows even Kelowna at this time. An era of enlightenment and horror is visited upon Vernon and the atmosphere of the town is changed out for a more sinister feel. A dark pall begins to settle over the city.

1900 - The population of Vernon swells to 2,580 as the city becomes a major centre of business for the region.

1907 - A Revenent family of the Grimaldy line purchases the local O'Keefe ranch by order of the local Sabbat pack to establish a communal haven. The O'Keefes are adopted into this family and stay on to help in looking over the property by day to ensure that the Cainites are kept safe as they slept and in return they profited immensely from their affiliation.

1908 - The first militia group was established in Vernon, no doubt influenced by the Sword of Caine and all of its associated in the city at this point. This group would go on to be known as the 'Okanagan Mounted Rifles'. The militarization of the local populace is the initiative of the Archbishop to prepare the people of Vernon for service to the Sect.

1914 - WWI breaks out in Europe and many join up or are conscripted to serve in the Canadian military. Feeding is made scarce and all vampires in the Okanagan region are affected similarly. Infighting breaks out and feeding frenzies are a sight becoming all too common. Seeing an opportunity to exploit the weakened Sabbat packs, Prince Kilmartin seeks to oust the Sabbat presence in Vernon that he may offer it as a vassal state to a Kindred loyal to him.

1918 - Packs have moved to areas such as Nelson and Revelstoke to scratch a bitter existence in those shallow feeding grounds. Grudges are developed against Kilmartin and plans for their eventual return are drawn up.

2009 - Word that Prince Kilmarten is no longer Prince in the region reaches the ears of the Nomadic packs in the Okanagan backcountry. Emboldened by the absence of their once enemy, those Cainites which once resided in Vernon begin to cautiously return to their old hunting grounds. There is some resistance to the return of the Sabbat, but this is swiftly and easily overcome. The pushback is nothing like what Kilmarten would have brought to bear against them nearly a century ago.

2016 - Having established themselves as a rising force to be reckoned with once more, the Archbishop of Abbotsford takes notice and sends a pack of his trusted and most loyal to reinforce the position against the Camarilla.

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