Ken Loneheart

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ken Loneheart

Notable Traits:

Pack: None

Society: Concordat of Stars



Ken was born to a kinfolk family in upper Michigan at the tail end of the 70's. His childhood was tough but not more so than most. He graduated from High School in 1995. His college studies concluded in 2000. He graduated with a degree in environmental studies and a minor in biology. A few years later he left the midwest and headed to the pacific northwest, where he became a crusader against whaling and shark-fishing. He even went out on the water with some of those who put their boats between whales and the fishing boats that hunted them. Eventually he garnered a bit too much attention for his own protection, so he moved down to Florida. His time in Florida was one of boredom punctuated with brief periods of insane action as he hunted down those that would defile the everglades and sabotaged their equipment. He calmed down a little bit as the years went on, and he moved to puerto rico where he focused on retrieving samples of flora and fauna for the local research scientists at the university. He still acts out against polluters but at a much more restrained level of activity. Recently Ken has decided the time is right to join the local sept.

During his time in the pacific northwest he met and befriended a rokea kinfolk named Priscilla Lamnidae. They became work colleagues doing scientific and environmentalist work regarding shark-fishing and occasionally whaling in the pacific ocean. They became friends after a few months due to their common status as kinfolk and focus on environmental issues.


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