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Commonly Known Information

Name: Tokugawa, Kenji
Known by some as: Ken

Sect: Anarch Movement

Clan: Nosferatu


Tokugawa, Kenji comes from a long and complicated line of Japanese families known as Tokugawa. Born into wealth but cast aside he fought his way through the "lords" of Japan using his cunning. Currently an Information Broker who is known to sell information to anyone who is willing to pay. Kenji is also known for his digression and silence regarding his sources of information. During the period of nightmares few know what happened to Kenji but on the other side he was seen differently, a predator like he was never seen before.

Kenji founded the Sectarian publishing its first public paper on September 12, 2017 and merged with the Tower Herald in August 2018.


Anarch Movement Committed


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"I am lucky to have a Broodmate like Kenji. He is a breath of wisdom and light in my existence." Prince Hollis
"Kenji is a man of many talents and skills. You would do well to take advantage of some of them and leave the rest alone." Donzella Costigan
"Fuck that!" Luke Breslin
"Be wise: do not make a fool of a Harpy. There is good reason to why a collection of them are known as a 'murder'." - Salomé St. John
"On the few occasions I have spoken with Harpy Tokugawa, I have found him eloquent and practical. Both are attributes equally admirable in a Harpy.. or truly, in any Kindred. It is a shame that such a combination grows exceedingly rare." - Stefan Hoffman
"He earned my favor and will earn much more in time." - Roman
"He asked––and he received." – Anaïs Palomer
"Kenji is kinda like lube. Slick as hell, make things go in easier, and every girl could use a little." - Holly Wood
"Kenji, well. He's super shady. I trust the guy, but then again I shouldn't? He's a fucking oxymoron, but glad to have the shady bastard on our side, most days." - Juniper Durham
"Only time will reveal what game Harpy Tokugawa is playing and by then it will be too late for those who underestimate him." - Dmytriy Álas
"He's like not fun, at all, and like I have like no idea what his game like is? Seems like so far it's like seeing how many enemies he can like make." - Karma
"One bad apple spoils the entire basket. Glad that one moved itself out. Or was it moved away against its will, like a bad pawn?" - Thaddeus Moreau


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Tokugawa, Kenji
Clan: Nosferatu
Domain: Chicago, IL
Player: Michael H US2005086231
VST: Chicago VST