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Commonly Known Information

Name: Keren Mayhem

Pronouns: They/them. Prefers Atty. to Mx.

Notable Traits & Appearance: Striking Looks 2 (Competent). Designer Pheromone Articulation. They use an Attainment version of the spell "Pierce Deception" at all times.

Mayhem is a 5'4" person with a typically-female body type, light skin, black hair in a sideswept undercut, and dark eyes. They have a glittering green bar of metal across the whole width of their face, over the nose. Most often dressed in an emerald green sequin skirt and silver short jacket over a black bodysuit and black boots, the neckline of the shirt revealing a supernatural suppression implant with a shattered green central gem in their upper chest. Always wears a wrist-mounted datapad and a stylish HUD combining black-framed glasses with a green-jeweled silver earpiece, and carries a silver briefcase.

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Acanthus Thearch

Legacy: Children of Marduk (Judges)

Union: Conservators Union

Chartered Company: the Academy is working on formalizing status as one

Cabal: The Foundation - the group that runs the Academy.

Titles: Attorney, Factotum, Hierarch, Professor of Political Science and Law


Born Chrystelle Arcayn on Empyrean in 4072. Attended a top-tier law school, graduating in 4095. They Awakened when their Suppression Implant failed immediately after their Bar Ceremony in 4095, and were promptly forced into exile, whereupon they took the name Keren Mayhem and joined the Conservators Union. After a few years training in magic with other exiled members of their family and their associates, Keren has been working as a wandering lawyer, operating out of their ship, the "Just in Chaos", and going where Fate/Mysteries take them.

Circa 4098, they founded the law firm of Mayhem and Slaughter with a fellow supernatural lawyer. Nerissa_"Granny"_Flax, aka Nerry, worked for the firm as a paralegal and IT staff for several years. Unfortunately, Slaughter vanished in 4115 while working on a case out in the Verge, and Mayhem has been unable both to find any trace of Slaughter, and to sustain a full Charter Company without a partner.

Keren makes no secret of being a Mage. They neither brag about being from an Elite family nor keep it particularly secret, but seem to have far more sympathy for those of other classes than those of their own, and by Elite standards are downright broke. They encourage Nerry's penchant for taking in strays, and have been known to represent Synths pro bono in court cases related to securing their freedom.

They ended up at Augustus Station/Hestia in the Caldera System in the middle of 4117, and seeing the potential for change, settled there. With Nerry and some scientists from the major University in the sector, they have founded an Academy in Hestia's Juno settlement to lead research efforts in the system and prepare students from throughout the Verge in their sector to attend the University. Keren is officially the Professor of Political Science and Law, and the Hierarch for the new Caldera Consilium. They are a public figure in the system, known to have been involved in taking down the Shrike, and to have given a moving speech at the dedication of the memorial for its victims and renaming of Freedom Memorial Park (FKA Aquila Park).

Unofficially, they're a major organizer for all the human supernaturals on the planet, and ambassador to the Tar'atheth (the local GMO-human merpeople). If there's a crisis, tell them, and they'll get the right people on it.


  • Why Mayhem? Keren claims it was the most interesting of the charges they faced as a result of their Awakening.
    • Maybe it's just because chaos and bizarre luck follow Mayhem wherever they go.
  • Mayhem is part of the Deliverance Network, and has even taken part in some decidedly NOT legal actions.
  • Mayhem never wears anything gold.
  • They know everyone on the entire planet of Hestia and Augustus Station.
  • They're somehow responsible for the existence of the entire network of tunnels under Juno settlement.
  • Has a cult.
  • Caused the revolution that overthrew Aquila.

Quotes =

  • "Loopholes are a professional specialty of mine." - Mayhem
  • "I thought you knew everyone in this system!" - Dr. Uracil



Looking For Ties!

  • Anyone Chrystelle knew back in the Core
    • Mages, Proximi, Mortals (with Psychic merits or Sleepwalker), possibly Changelings and Fae-Touched: looking for an Elite House to have come from?
  • Mage colleagues
  • Former clients, especially Synths
  • Someone who was on the other side of a case
  • Anyone else Keren might have met out in the Expanse/Verge - friends, lovers of any gender, random encounters...
  • If someone wants to play Slaughter and suddenly reappear, PLEASE contact me. Any supernatural type potentially welcome.


OOC Information

Player: Emily Bond

Player Email:

Storyteller: Sean M. Storyteller Email:

Location: Domain - New York City, NY-004-D; but I live in central CT