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Blue Raven Eyes.jpg

"Flitter Flatter Feint"


Information Known by
the Garou Nation
City: Denver, CO
Tribe: Corax
Breed: Homid
Auxpice: Ragabash
Camp: Gray Hats
Pack: Oh Shiny!

Kerli is a tall and pale thing, with striking eyes and Black hair. A red streak colors her hair in human form that doesn't drift into her feathers, perhaps in an effort to stand out from the rest of her kind. Constantly dressing in a long black vest that seems to have plenty of room to hide a multitude of things that she pulls out at random to trade. Constantly carrying a computer which clinks up against every bit of shiny gold and silver jewelry she can carry on her. Constantly talking she never seems to shut up while she bounces around all over the place.

More Coming Soon!