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"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." — Winston Churchill


"Pamięta my"

Camarilla Uber Allez


Noble, Guardian, and Prominent
as Harpy of Tucson

as an Ancilla
of the Camarilla



House Tremere


House Abamcyzck


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Born at the end of American Prohibition in upstate New York, Kevin Hagen was the second child of eventually four. Growing up on his grandfather’s backwood farm in Buffalo, he was a wild youth, frequently found in bold if poorly thought out actions, resulting in broken bones and acting out.

He was naturally intelligent, however, and found a innate love of words, mathematics, and a natural curiosity to the workings of the world. Surrounded by a colorful menagerie of family and friends, he lead a life surrounded by stories of the WWI, prohibition exploits, and the struggles of the depression. His life was made only more complex with Pearl Harbor and his father, a reserve naval officer being called to serve in the Pacific fleet.

After the war he attended Dartmouth college, obtaining a dual major in Mathematics and Statistics, while participating in ROTC. It was during his time began working as a newspaper reporter, initially reporting sports, but eventually becoming a junior crime and politics reporter.

He was commissioned as an Army Intelligence Officer, eventually rising to the rank of Captain, and serving as a staff officer for the majority of his career. During the Korean War Conflict, he spent the majority of his time has the 3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brig (15th Infantry Regiment), 3rd Battalion S2 Officer.

Shortly after the Korean Conflict, was taking into the foreign service, as a government service aid.


Embraced in the Early 1960’s, Hagen was a generally unremarkable, his only early achievement is his early release. His service was generally quite, diligent, and dutiful. He is a known member of house Abamcyzck, though he does not publicize this fact. He is a known associate of James Miller, among other members of House and Clan, who together form the core of the Camarilla periodical known as the Tower_Herald.


A well known harpy, Hagen is noted for suffering the taint of an American upbringing, making him sympathetic, rational, and reasonable. These traits, while endearing to the Anarch Movement, have been a sticking point in the Camarilla at times. When given the position of Harpy, he has seldom shied away from justly calling out elders and other members of sect authority when in the visible wrong. This has earned him both admirers and enemies in and outside the sect. An idealist of a flavor, Hagen is willing to listen to anyone's story, and strives for the Camarilla to a pillar of society and not to be a object of ridicule or vilification where possible, and has used his words to root out those who are such.

Korean War Briefing


NOTE: The following information is known only to Clan Tremere, or those with sufficient Tremere Lore as determined by the Storytellers.'

Kevin Hagen is a terminal Apprentice of the Fourth, having been promoted a half dozen times, but always seeming to return to his chosen rank by accident or mishap. He is noted for being very dutiful and loyal to house and clan, but mostly focused on it's image and public perception. He is a rumor monger, muckraker, and dealer in secrets, information, and scandal with his counter part, James Miller.

Hagen is, due to his rank, surprisingly not a member of the Bellators.

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  • "Some Text" — Your name
  • "His journalism is yellow. His prose often more than passingly purple. His penchant for dredging up rumor and trouble is astounding. The amount of times those rumors are painfully accurate and cause the reputational equivalent of a kick to the teeth to someone society sees as 'his better' is remarkable. Classic American Exceptionalism at work." — Lavinia MacDonald
  • "Mr. Tabloid. That man stirs shit while on the shitter in the most glittering fashion. It is impressive. Horrifyingly impressive. " — Chandra Falk
  • "起死回生 - Wake from death and return to life.” - Kenji
  • "Mr. Hagen is a man of exceptional wit and prose. I trust his skills in this and his observations. Most of all, I trust him to entertain." — Donzella Costigan
  • "He provided a sufficient first impression to ensure that I continue watching." — Pascoal
  • "There is a desperate need for regularly produced broadsheets- they are the lifeblood of good society. It is, after all not the 15th century anymore." — Cornelia Mowebary
  • "It's one of the great regrets of my life that the Tremere got to him first." — Lucy
  • "All kindred life within the Jyhad is sunk deep in untruth; the individual cannot pull themself out of this untruth without growing profoundly annoyed with their entire past, without finding their present motives senseless, and without opposing scorn and disdain to the passions that urge them on to the future. This will be Hagen’s great burden through his existence, that he has a passion for truth in a world of lies and must fight to survive it. The waters of Mímisbrunnr do not give themselves up easily, an obstacle many Tremere and Brujah have faced." -Egil Agmundr
  • "I like your paper. I'll keep an eye out for it." -Malachi Salamanca
  • "One of the most promising young members of Clan Tremere. Pity to those in his way when he realizes this." — Liam Kincaid
  • "When one can admit their own shortcomings, their strengths become even more prevalent." — Valeria Brunsvick
  • "This guy. This fuckin' guy. I love the amount of shit he's stirring. It's a fucking work of art." — Kyle Morgan
  • "Sharp, witty, and talented young Kindred. Unfortunate that most fail to understand the intricacies and subtle genius of his craft, but with enough polish, it's due to be another jewel in the crown of the Camarilla." — Seamus Montague
  • "'Great words of prideful men are ever punished with great blows, and, in old age, teach the chastened to be wise.' Kevin Hagen is one who teaches." — Siegrid of the True North
  • "But like what does he like want? Because like it's clear that like he's lost whatever like joy there once was. Sorry like don't mind me, like wtf do I like know about Harpies." — Karma
  • "He will never know. It's probably for the best." — Zahira Isfret
  • "Hagen? Yeah, I'm still surprised the Camarilla lets a guy like this walk around. Must be one of the rare cases where their top level value someone's competence more than they want them to shut up... or maybe he's got dirt on all of them. I give it even odds." - Jaguar
  • "Either Hagen owes a massive amount of Boons, or has secured a treasure trove of them. This bodes well for the Anarch Movement, based on his journalistic leanings." — Thaddeus Moreau


  • 'He is actaully just an Alternate Identity of James Miller'
  • 'Is actually an Anarch Caitiff.'
  • 'He has the backing of several powerful Ventrue, perhaps holding some sort of blackmail material on them?'
  • 'He is working for the Justicariate.'
  • 'He's a Setite Infiltrator, peddling Gossip as his Vice.'
  • 'Spends an inordinate amount of time pointed North.'
  • 'Just another flash in the pan, soon to be gone.'
  • Rumor goes here.


  • Defender - Former Prince Parker of Phoenix
  • Favored - Elder Rurik Konstantin

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tucson, AZ
Player: James O'Neil, US2010066139
Storyteller: Jeremy Ambrose

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