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Name: Kexa E2089-KX

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 28

Height: 5ft 7'

Hair: Light Blue

Eyes: Blue

Society: Synth

E2089-KX "Kexa" was born as part of a pod of MegaCorps Domestic Synth Units. As with all synths, her training was extensive and exclusive. Having been taught many valuable skills she was soon assigned to one of the Elite houses within the core.

Serving the household effectively she was granted a courtesy upgrade to the plugins to enhance her work capabilities. However, despite the upgrades, she began to notice small malfunctions which she was able to hide and not let them affect her job.

However, she could only hide these malfunctions for so long. After an incident within the household, she was officially classed as defective. Knowing that she was anything but she fled through the night, determined to prove she was not defective and still capable of handling her role.

Running for the year that she has, she has been able to meet many characters from smugglers to people looking to do something well within the universe. Now she still continues to look for the evidence that will prove herself innocent and none malfunctioning.


4116 - Released from the pod.

Late 4116 - Finishing training she is placed within an Elite household.

4117 - Received courtesy upgrades to her plugins to improve her performance. Slight malfunctions begin to appear.

4118 - Incident within the household forces her to go on the run and be classed as a defective unit.


- Domestic Synth Unit.

- Defective.

- Runaway.


- There is no malfunction.

- The incident never happened, she imagined it all.

- Things move on their own around her.

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"Analysis. Threat level: Low. Risk factor: Moderate. Suggested action: Observe and protect." - Designation T1A-W01F

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Player: Kate Wadey

Story Teller:

Location: DMH, Phoenix, AZ.

Credit to Cali C. For template and helping me with this wiki.