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Do not look to find yourself in this world, this is an illusion to the truth

Name: Lachesis “Key” to Anarchs
”Setite Name: Ma’at
Clan: Follower of Set
Bloodline:' Viper
Gang: None Currently

Lies and Pretty Truths:
*Key stopped following the beliefs of Set because they disagree with the rules of Ma’at.
*Key showed up in Sanctuary because of the external threats, only to find out it’s a hive of villany.
*Key believes that those worthy even after their lifeline ends can request to weigh their hearts against a feather. If they are worthy, her shears will never cut them.
*If Key were not a Viper, she would be an amazing Priestess.


"Do you believe you a worthy? Are you prepared to prove that worth against a feather?"."

Quotes and Rumors about Key:

  • "Key is the reincarnation of Ma’at sent to test the unfaithful.
  • "Key takes her name from Lachesis, one of the three fates.

Song List:

*Timber: Kesha ft. Pitbull ( )
*Dangerous Woman: Ariana Grande ( )
*Bad Blood: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar ( )
*Toxic: Alex and Sierra Cover version ( )
*Black Widow: Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Oro ( )

OOC Information

Out of Character Summary
|Clan: Follower of Set |Sect: Anarch |City: Cincinnati, OH |Player: Nycci Daniels |VST: Ace
MES Number: US2002021051
Venue: [Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati OH]