Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir

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Commonly Known
Name: Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir

Clan: Brujah

Lineage: House Khamsin

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Brujah Primogen of Boston

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Noble

Notable Traits: Kha is a scholar first and foremost, but he is fully aware that one cannot survive as an Elder without a network and tools to protect and serve. He expects the respect due him by his status in the Camarilla and his position as a scholar. Unlike a number of Elders of his age, he strives to maintain his Humanity, but the Beast is always present; perhaps closer than he might like.

986: Kha was born.

1020: Kha was embraced by Dedu Besik, the Unaligned Elder of North Africa.

1020-1070: Period of Accounting: occured in this time. Traveled to Mali and became involved in the Almoravid conquest of the Ghana empire. Served as a tactician for the Almoravids, taking note how the conquest was largely through political manipulation.

1070-1120: Observed the conquest of the Holy Land by Frankish nobility at the behest of Pope Urban II.

1120-1170: Studied the campaigns of Saladin of the Ayyubid dynasty, and his mastery of calvary action

1170-1220: 1205 Sires Cornelius Ibn Kha in Africa. They two of them go on to form the nascent House Khamsin, and part ways amicably. They reunite occasionally, and House Khamsin becomes a home for those of the Brujah favoring scholarship over war… although at war, they remain adept.

1220-1270: Was present for the initiation of the Albigensian Crusade in France and took note of the religious conversions taking place as a consequence.

1270-1320: Eagerly watched the launching of the 9th crusade initiated by Edward 1 and Charles of Anjou.

1320-1370: Studied the rise and fall of the Black Prince, Edward of Woodstock.

1370-1420: Took note the effects of the Western Schism in the French cities and countryside.

1420-1470: Observed the battles of the Wars of the Roses in England, paying particular attention to its escalation as a result of naval hostilities by Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick.

1470-1520: Studied the social and religious changes in england following the victory of Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth.

1520-1570: Kha was in Germany and studied the aftermath of the 1524 Peasants’ war and the continuing oppression by the aristocracy.

1570:1620: Witnessed the 1st Desmond rebellion in Munster, Ireland and the various guerrilla actions both sides.

1620-1670: Traveled the Ottoman Empire with Svetlana Czernin. Studied both the religious practices of the time and the formation of the Sultanate of Women, which was of interest to both Kindred. He maintains a connection with the Ambassador and they are on good terms.

1670-1720: Studied the English Catholic - Presbyterian conflict in the Jacobite Uprising and reflected on how the kine continue to go to such lengths in the name of Faith.

1720-1770: Enters negotiations with House Everard for an arranged union with Elder Cornelia Mowebary. Kha is devoted to his studies and Elder Mowebary handles his social contacts and obligations, serving as a buffer so he can work in peace. To the distress of certain Elders of his clan, they become close.

1770-1820: (1805) Journeys from Europe to Boston in the company of Elders Cornelia Mowebary and Pau Lamarca of Clan Ventrue and Morvenna Matthias of Clan Lasombra. He and the other Elders part ways but a friendship is maintained with Elder Mowebary until her death in 2018.

1820-1870: Studied troop movements during American Civil War through the southern United States, taking note of actions of irregular units such as Quantrill’s Raiders and the “bushwhackers”. Met the Anarch Daughter of Cacophony in New Orleans known as “The Red Queen” and began a friendship.

1870-1920: (1915) Returned to Boston and made the acquaintance of the Camarilla Ishtarri Elanore Borgia. They stay in touch with Kha asking numerous questions about her father, Cardinal Cesare Borgia. They sometimes meet for discussions.

1920-1970: Journeyed to Chicago and made the acquaintance of his grandchild Abraham Mcallister, childe of Cornelius. (NPC, potential PC later in the year).

1970-2018: Encountered Kindred Veronica Chase and established a connection. Enters alliance with House Iguszag , a Camarilla house of Carpathian Tzimesces and House Melisune, a mixed lineage of the Daughters.

2018: Travelled to Seattle at the invitation of Desarae_Preaue_de_Avignon and met with Blackburne and Mickey Oleary. It was soon after this meeting that the two Seattle Brujah left for the Movement. At a gathering in Boston. Kha was seen speaking with Dottie Youngblood. Whether or not Kha intends to stay in the Tower or follow so many of his Clan to the Anarchs is open for speculation...

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  • Kha has more knowledge about Thaumaturgy and Necromancy both than that with which some Kindred are completely comfortable. How he came by this knowledge might be a topic for discussion... for whomever wanted to be the first to broach the subject. He is a Patron of the Sorcerer's Union and a practicing Thaumaturge. Whether he was instructed in the Art, or came by it naturally, is not known.
  • The Elder was seen at a recent gathering near Barnstable deep in conversation with a Setite of an rare and mysterious order. What could a devoutly loyal Camarilla Elder and an Elder of the Followers possibly have in common.. aside from a mastery of an ancient form of Arabic..

"What will you do when your technology fails you?"-Kha, said to a brash and impertinent Anarch of the Ventrue clan.
"Kha's wisdom runs deep. He is a man of few words in my experience, but those he does speak are worth hearing. He brings a unique perspective to all conversations I have had with him, and while we may not always agree on everything, his insights are appreciated. "- Alenzia Komnenos
"Elder Kha is so knowledgeable that it can be positively intimidating, but he is also a very patient and inspiring teacher. I am sure he has never had a student who knew as little as I did, starting out. The more I learn, the more I realize that I still need to learn. And the more books I realize that I ought to read. (Luckily, he has a lot of books!) But I’d rather have his insights and conversation than all the books in the world " - Brenda Bittersea
"Think of how much we wouldn't know without the Elder. Not only is he a brilliant scholar, but his blood got passed down to me... a brilliant scholar. - Penny Rodriguez
"Most of our kind fall into error and ignore their Dharma, their purpose, their fate, Kha, he appears to both know and appreciate his, odd for one of his, rebellious, blood. - Basir Khorram-Din
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