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Commonly Known Information
Shadow Name:Khan
Creature Type:Mage
Order:Adamantine Arrow
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST CoD-X MA-005D
Player Email:

Simone T

Path moros.pngOrder adamantine arrow - Reach.png



Known master of Matter.


2013: Succeeded the former Councilor as the Moros Adamantine Arrow seat

2018: (Known only to Adamantine Arrow) Voted to keep the Consilium closed


  • Voted to condemn Myst
  • Has a very large chip on her shoulder.
  • Has an obsession with being recognized for her talents
  • A mage who had been Awakened for 4 months attempted to teach her how to be a Moros. Somehow he is still alive.
  • Hates vampires



  • On vampires "Destroy them."
  • On vampires needing help "Oh... destroy them."
  • On vampires simply asking to not die when they feed "No longer an issue if they're too dead to feed."
  • On the dwindling size of the local vampire population "Oh, that's it? When you're done talking to them, I'll destroy them all, by myself."


  • "Hypothetically, in a universe where she didn't scare the shit out of me, I'd declare that she is a total bitch and I hate her." - Myst
  • "I guess even the Wise have use for stupid Grunts sometimes." - Virgam
  • "The day she will learn to strengthen her ego like she does with a sword she will be the best of us all" - Persona
  • "Your Quote" - Name