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Khatie Kinnamon

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I plan to use my time in office to help clean up the wikis within the Domain and ensure that every character and every group in the Domain is properly represented by an attractive and functional wiki.

Plan of Action

I would get a complete list of characters in the domain. I would compare the present wikis to this list to determine who was missing. I would then identify the players of those characters.
In order to make wikis for characters not currently represented, I would reach out to their players and ask for appropriate details, such as colors, themes, and information they want known within their venue. I would reach out to people who have their own wikis and offer my services to update their wikis for them or remind them to keep them updated in the meantime so that proper information was being presented on their pages. I would also partner with any staff members focused on new member experience to help guide new players into using the wikis and getting theirs set up early, to bolster involvement.

Examples of Previous Work

Britney Daye
The Silken Weave Pack

I am also a professional artist, with a wide veriety of pieces, visible in my portfolio.

This Wiki is for a resume for the ADST of Wikis for the domain of Austin, TX.