Ki-Ran Kwang

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Ki-Ran Kwang

Notable Traits:

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Caitiff



Ki-Ran was known to have been become a member of the Camarilla in Hong Kong in the 40's.
She arrived in Colorado in the 50's and has maintained a presence in Aurora and Commerce City
areas. She remained in Commerce City while the Anarchs were in power, but is a staunch supporter
of the Camarilla. She is very humane and known to be available to help with any situation
involving breaches to help get them covered. She is reserved in gatherings (ie, knows her place)
but always eager to engage in conversation. She is known as an entrepreneur, being involved in
both Tech and Construction Temp-To-Hire, as well as two successful restaurants (and a food truck
line). She is also known to be religious and very involved in the church.

Known Associates

  • Elder Armand of Clan Brujah
  • Harold Islington
  • Diana Atherton
  • Isaac Merriweather
  • Katsuhiro Otomo
  • Roxxi of Clan Gangrel
  • Eve of Clan Gangrel
  • Margaret Turing
  • Frederick
  • Samuel Vane
  • Brent of the Caitiff


  • She is actually a Toreador.
  • She is truly a ghoul. Look at her aura. I've seen her eat!
  • Feel free to add...


  • Feel free to add...


OOC Information

Player: Shelley Chasteen

Player Email: Email me!

Storyteller: Raymond Bruels

Storyteller Email: Send an email!

Location: Denver, CO