Kieran McNamara

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Kieran McNamara

Name: Kieran "Eyes of the Forest" McNamara / DECEASED

Age: 30

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Theurge

Notable Traits: Essence of Stag, Legacy of Craftsmanship

Pack: Neighborhood Watch

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of Eastern Skies

Sept Position: Guardian


Kieran is a person with two distinct aspects to his personality: an intensely focused side that comes out when he is working with the spirits or on a crafting project,and a almost unhinged side that can arise when he is driving or in combat.
He has a strong distaste for politics, which is often handicapping in Garou society.
Kieran almost always dresses in flannel, a stocking cap, ripped jeans and work boots, His ubiquitous T-shirts will have a logo either of a conservation or other wildlife-supporting case, or the typical Guiness branded clothing. He commonly carries a satchel of some type containing his metalworking tools and his latest project. He has short brown hair, piercing blue eyes that remain in all his forms, and a goatee surrounded by what he calls "seven-o-clock shadow"


Kieran was born in the city of Ennis in St. John's Hospital in County Clare, Ireland on April 30, 1987.

His first Change was at the age of seven when he was separated from his class on a school trip and became lost for four days in the Dromore nature preserve.

Kieran joined the Sept of the Eastern Skies in 2009.

Kieran died heroically in the battle of Phoenix, sacrificing himself alongside two other warriors so that the Gaians could recover their wounded and escape the oncoming mass of Black Spiral Dancers.


  • Kieran broke his kinfolk lover's heart when he left the Sanctum to join the Concordant
  • Kieran was a street racer some years ago, and is looking to rejoin the circuit. When he's behind the wheel, it's almost like he becomes a different person..
  • He has local kinfolk of both the human and wolven variety.
  • The Theurge once walked into a theater holding over twenty Unseelie Fae and he and his companions walked out without a scratch. They had an audience with a King. The watchers had popcorn.
  • The Fianna recently received from a kinfolk over a ton of precious and base metals, useful for weapons and other crafted and forged items.
  • Kieran once disarmed and temporarily blinded a Fenrir Ahroun during a sparring match. The Fenrir later congratulated him on the manuever.
  • Typical of his tribe, he has been fighting down Harano for sometime.
  • On thanksgiving Day, Kieran watched a lupus Garou argue with a yardful of squirrels - and lose..
  • Kieran has a collection of high end street racing gear in his spare room. He has told his girlfriend not to clean in there because he doesn't want her to know he's still racing.
  • The Fianna has recently paid a visit to the Sept of Warrior's Wisdom in part to offer to assist with healing under Hope's Triage. His reception was mixed.
  • Kieran was witness to the destruction of a Fae item that they viewed with the same reverence that Garou do a caern. Whether or not the Fae seek further redress for this act has not been absolutely confirmed. But is anything ever with the Fae?
  • Kieran's girlfriend has tempted him to leave the world behind and join a wolf pack.


(said by Kieran or about / to him)

  • "They're planning a party and they didn't involve the Fianna?"
  • "Pretty sure the song about Irish eyes smiling was written about him."
  • "You needed to deal with some of your demons and there were only two ways that was going to happen. Murder.Or...."
  • "I would go Ronin before I would let them separate us again"


Siggy "Sword of Skadi" - friend and companion- Fenrir Homid Ahroun, former kinfolk. The past fire between these two may have been rekindled.
Lilly Rodonovich - friend, Silver Fang kinfolk of Unbreakable Hearth
Avalanche - fellow Guardian, pack member, Wendigo Metis Ahroun
Michael Kingsley - Master of rites, pack member, Glasswalker, Homid Theurge
Eileen Oliver - cousin, sept member, tribemate - Fianna Homid Ahroun
Brevalaer - loyalist, hunter, supplier of many resources- Fianna Kinfolk
Chases Tales - pack member, Squirrel King


Darius Isaiah Morningkill - member of Sept of Warrior's Wisdom, this Garou is in opposition to Kieran on matters related to family - Silver Fang Homid Ahroun

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