Killian Dunsirn

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Killian Dunsirn

Position: Hatchet of Los Angeles, CA

Notable Traits:

  • Unnaturally, ghastly pallor
  • Right side of his face is pitted and marked with scars
  • Inhuman green eyes
  • Always smiling with razor sharp teeth

Clan: Giovanni




  • "I know you think you are being cute and witty by intimating that Killian and I are involved romantically, but what you don't understand is that he is my other half, the missing part of my heart and soul. He is my twin, and we share a connection far deeper than what chemicals can make you feel. If you keep this up, things will get ugly for you really quickly, and then I might ask him to stop hurting you so that I can take over." - Kamdyn Dunsirn
  • Oh gosh, what can I says about Killian? I knows that he's one tough cookie, and I neva sees him crumble. All I kno is don't letcha mouth write a check that your ass can't cash...cuz youse don't want him to come and collect." Bianca Sofia Angelina Giovanni
  • "I haven't had enough opportunity to socialize with the gent, but he seems excellent in a tussle. Hopefully, I will see more of him in the future." - Maxine Chambers
  • "Indispensable." - Saul Rothstein
  • "Fucking despicable red-headed people eater... And yet if you fuck with him, you have a problem with me." - Romano Giovanni
  • "My esteem for Killian warms my heart - he may be a vicious, effective individual for the clan but I will always remember the man who was patient when I needed it more than anything." - Anthony Milliner-Ellison
  • "Only met him the once, but I'll admit he impressed me. Capable, loyal, and absolutely vicious in a fight. What more is there to say?" - Serafina Pisanob
  • "I imagine he did a lot of watching my torpored body. Shame I wasn't able to impress him with my conversational skills." - Theo Lawson


  • Killian keeps an award-winning flower garden that he fertilizes with the ashes and blood of those who annoy him.
  • Killian went on a path while still a mortal because he swore to never feel again after the death of his one true love.
  • His name is actually Ian, but he was commanded to "Kill, Ian" so much, people just started calling him Killian.

OOC Information

Player: Johnathan Fii

Player Email:

Storyteller: Darold Morris

Storyteller Email:

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Kamdyn Dunsirn

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Assistant Doyen
Domain: Atlanta, Ga
Player: Miranda Rosenblum - US2002022650
VST: Atlanta VST