Kills with Kindness

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Diane Zilarra, "Kills with Kindness"

Notable Traits: Bearer of Fisher's Bracers and Fisher's Blacksnake.

Pack: Amici Veritas

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

House: Gleaming Eye

Sept: Austin, TX


Diane was born in the early hours of May 29, 1919 before the longest solar eclipse since 1416 began across the southern hemisphere. Her twin Cyrus made his appearance 11 days later. Incomplete prophecies made by mystics of the tribe in the month of their birth suggested the twins would be critical figures in the ascension the “High King of the Greatest Trials.” The twins now believe that, with the recent proclamation that the Garou are five years from extinction, the time of that King is imminent. They intend to establish a place of power, of high visibility and insure when needed, they will be at hand as the Counselor and Shield of their destined leader.

Diane has been married twice, her first husband died in 1989 and her second was bitten in 2015. When it became clear he would survive and change, the two separated but have not yet divorced.

Some members of the tribe will recognize Diane's deed name, "Kills with Kindness" because of her tenure as one of the seasonal guardians protecting the Sept of the Crescent Moon, the home of the Silver Fang's Great Caern. She trained with Ishan, also of House Gleaming Eye, and Fisher of Dawn's Last Light to hone her skills as an Ahroun and leader.

During this same time period in 1994, the Twins formed a pack with a pair of Shadowlord Twins and a Child of Gaia Philodox - whose calming influence buffered the natural antagonism of the two pairs so that they could function effectively with a series of quests requiring the skills and gifts of these two chronically opposed tribes.

For approximately 5 years, the pack remained stable. Then, in early 2000, during a combat with agents of the Wyrm, the Philodox was killed. The 2 sets of twins agreed that a replacement would be required and that it would take a Garou with specific skills and temperament to truly act as a balance point for the others. It took over a full year traveling to various septs, studying and identifying candidates before Gunnar, then a Cliath Get of Fenris, became the clear choice to be recruited.

In Winter 2019, Diane joined the rest of her pack in traveling to Austin, Texas shortly after hearing of the recent deaths of a number of Garou in defense of the Caern. Since Diane never acts without a reason - perhaps a deeply buried one - general assumption is this action is in furtherance of the 1919 prophecies. But how this will come to pass remains a mystery.


OOC Information

Player: Kelley B

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Storyteller: Monjoni Osso

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Location: Austin, TX