Kin is Pack, Family of Blood

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Many do not know where all stand.

Only I know where I stand.

Blood is thicker, water is thin, emotional bonds are the chains that bind us within.

Pack is family beyond our blood.

Shared in battle, we spill it all.

I collected my pack and told them that now was time, to seek out my lupus kin, who have long since been hidden. Where, I did not know but I knew it was time to bring her home.

We explored the old places lost, where my kin held territory, the den and hearth. Smells were faint but soon we had a trail. It led us far but we did not falter. Soon we saw, she had been captured, a beast who stood, it’s goal is dark, to take our kin and make them monsters.

I grew angry and raged, my pack at my side, we fought the beast with all our might.

Many say that numbers topple all below it but this one had a foundation strength, it had its own numbers. Our Ahrouns struck home while I tried to bless them in battle, Theurge and Ragasbash snuck in, to free my mother.

Secured safely from the confines that held her, away from the battle, we let our Rage consumed the beast before us.

With victory at the price of spilled blood, we cleansed ourselves and kin, and returned to our territory with one more to our family.

Executioner's Resolve
Cursed by Flux
Galliard of the Nation
Adren of the Uktena
Alpha of the Black Turtle Pack
Member of the Sept of the Rising Moon