King Roach

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Public Information


Concept: Da Real G

Name: Roach aka King Roach

Clan: Follower of Set (Setites Only: Apostate)

Sect: Anarch

Anarch Ideological Camp: Constructionist

Anarch Gang

Position: None

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status

Current Location: Orange County, CA

Notable Traits: Merit: Personal Masquerade, Merit: Whisper of Life

Blood Relatives


Sire: Sebastian Clyde

Lineage: None

Relatives of Note:

  • Pending

The Revolution

Night Watch.png




  • He’s actually terrified of bugs and picked the name Roach to throw people off.
  • Was bitten by a radioactive cockroach.
  • Has friends in the Sabbat.
  • Loves cocaine!


  • "Roach is a good friend. Fiercely loyal and willing to jump on a grenade for those he cares about." - Vi
  • "Some are jealous and fond of ornament, as the peacock. But for some reason everyone can't look away from one. This has it's own merit." - Shepherd
  • "Sometimes he forgets he isn't mortal anymore. And sometimes, you just have to let him." - Livia
  • "Street smart, with a big mouth." - Domino

OOC Information

Anthony Lemaster

Cam Number: US2018100145
Home Domain: Orange County, CA
Email: lemaster13 AT live DOT com
ST Email: Orange County Cam/Anarch VST

Also player of:

  • None