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"Kipton Shant (right) pictured with longtime friend, Milo Ross, Sheriff of the Southwest"

Commonly Known Information

Name: Kipton Shant

Clan: Tremere

Sect and Station: Ancilla of the Camarilla

Concept: Tweedy scholar and 19th Century British naturalist, lover of all living creatures.

Notable Traits:

  • Softly spoken and warm, unfailingly polite and formal.
  • Friendly with the IA, Anarchs and Independents.
  • Has never held a Court Position within The Camarilla.
  • Not great with modern technology.
  • Carries a wand in his waistcoat pocket.
  • Fond of insects and arachnids, brutalist architecture, and late Classical and early Romantic music.
  • Extremely judgmental of any person who romanticises Victorian London, a terrible place and time.
  • Pronunciation note: Shant has a long “A” as in Alarm, Harm, or Armistice. Mr. Shant.


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed
  • Loyal (Ludovic Pétion, Seneschal of Little Rock)
  • Honorable (Prince Amyntas of San Francisco)
  • Honorable (Justicar Dona Manuela Bolivar)
  • Favored (Elder Thaddeus Moreau)
  • Triumphant (As Ahmeera Ophidian was Forsaken)


  • Embraced in Regency Era London, ~1820
  • Traveled Europe extensively during the first decades of his unlife, visiting all of the greatest museums, universities, and other places of learning.
  • Early and enthusiastic proponent of evolutionary biology - the origin of species.
  • Moved to The New World during the 1880s, making home in San Francisco and traveling widely.
  • 2017: Made a brief residence in Henderson, at the border of the IA domain of Las Vegas, presumably to keep an eye on whatever bullshit the Setites are doing at Luxor.
  • Was spotted as part of Tsinna's expedition to Enoch in 2019.
  • Participated in the Tremere Ritual to free Lord Tremere from Mehujael in 2019.
  • Was a signatory of Clan Tremere's public statement of rejection of House Militant.
  • Current location: San Francisco Bay Area


  • An educator before anything else, Mr. Shant lives to help others learn. It is his very soul and core, his greatest pleasure and his solemn vocation.
  • A true academic, Mr. Shant is a naturalist, an entomologist, biologist, paleontologist and historian, an ethicist, a psychologist and counselor, a mathematician, an enthusiastic but amateur engineer, and more.
  • Giving miscreants a stern talking to. (Dominate)
  • Beekeeping.

Nullius in verba


  • "“By definition, there is no such thing as the supernatural. There is only nature, and if there exist such things as gods and angels, they occupy their place within Domain, Kingdom, Phylum and so on, no different to snakes or snails or vampires.”
  • "As a mathematician and philosopher I prize simplicity and elegance, as a historian I prize nuance and perspective, and as a scholar of language and the written word, I enjoy a pun."
  • "Kipton proves the truism, that our unconscious mind goes seeking not for that we most wish, but for that which we most lack. Such a search will ether prove salvation or destruction in the end." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "Kipton questions and prods, the greatest advocate of the Socratic method that anyone has ever known. Sometimes, though, I wonder if this is all a ploy; that he doesn't know the answer either and is checking to see if you do." - Davi Fetterly
  • "Do I dislike my teacher? Oh, no. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is fair-minded and generous. He carries within his chest one of the kindest hearts I have ever known in either a mortal or kindred. He cares for his family so deeply that I don’t know if there is anything he would not do for them, and that engenders a kind of loyalty, in turn, that I have never seen in any other family. As gentle as Kipton is, though, he keeps his own counsel, and I know to my great chagrin that some quiet folk are quiet because they have nothing to prove. He is our patriarch’s right hand for a reason.” - Davi Fetterly
  • "I've heard it said that you can only really know someone when you've seen them at their worst. I don't know if I've seen Mr. Shant at his worst, but I know he shows less than his best to very few indeed." - Lotte Peeters
  • "Master Kipton is a man of dignity, composure, and scientific expertise. And above all, he's a man of his word. Those are rare qualities in the world." - William Cromwell
  • "I think perhaps he imagines himself as much less kind than he really is." - Lucy
  • "I love the shit out of my GrandKip...mostly because he's proud of me and hasn't put me in torpor yet. You fuck with him...I may ruin your ass on paper for a generation or two, got it Primo?" - T.J.
  • "My father has seen many things in his life. I hope he never loses his direction or himself. I would follow him into Hell and back just to keep him safe." - Benjamin Drake
  • "It's like funny, like no matter like how many times you like make wand jokes, he like plays along with it. Maybe he's like just waiting for me to like go back to like the dutiful scholar. Which like, as like cute as the Prof is? Philosophy isn't like going to like save anyone. It's just like another monkey puzzle to keep our eyes like away from the actual one." - Karma
  • "I'm sorry to make so much work for him, but I'm glad beyond words that it's him that's doing it." - Lucy
  • "Insert quote here." - Your Name


  • Has a particular fondness for Malkavians.
  • He once put an apprentice into torpor for attempting to use one of his birds to send a missive.
  • Plays the violin rather well, and enjoys being sung to.
  • His most prized possession is a first edition text of On the Origin of Species.
  • Thinks there's a demon in the internet.
  • Insert rumour here.

Tremere Only Information:

  • Societatis Transitus
  • Magister
  • House Aragón (Secondary Point of Contact) -- Currently standing as Head of Lineage as his Luminary is in torpor.
  • Chantry "Ocean of Mists II"

OOC: Resemblances:

I'm not saying they're afraid to get tough. I've had to straighten you all out in my time, and what one amongst you wouldn't thank me for it, hmm? They're much like teachers in a way. Stern, yes; frightening, sometimes. But it's all for our betterment. So, what do you say? Why don't we go somewhere and talk about this properly?

Guy Shepherd - The World's End

Stephen Maturin - Master and Commander

Colonel Brandon - Sense and Sensibility

Digory Kirke - Chronicles of Narnia

Every High School English Teacher you ever had that was either Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil

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