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Commonly Known Information

Name: Ms.Kira 'The Spider' Mantle of House Martel

Society: Cirque du Sang

Clan: 11th Generation Ventrue

Status FINAL DEATH in March 2018



Betrothed to Virago Nadir, 'The Breaker of Chains' of Vancouver's Independent Alliance,as part of a peace treaty after Kira Mantle organized a Ventrue effort against the city, Kira Mantle's wedding was a shocking affair. In front of IA, Camarilla, Anarch, and unaligned kindred, at a celebration meant to declare that the IA was welcoming business from all sects, Kira Mantle's heart was removed by her husband. She offered it to him, a more literal interpretation of 'giving your heart to someone'. She promised to serve him, as he vowed to show her everything the world had to offer. Then Virago Nadir diablerized her heart, to the shock and horror of nearly everyone in attendance. As she realized what the Virago was about to do, she reached out in a futile attempt to save her unlife, screaming as her body turned to ash in front of all the gathered.

What comes of this, well, that is a story for others to tell.

Childe of Peter Warren (NPC - Final Death in 2004)

Childe of Micheal Galloway (NPC - Final Death in 1878)

Childe of "Uncle" Chao (Nathan Huff - Final Death in July 2017)

Childe of Ganbaatar Khan(David Singleton - Final Death in March 2018)

Childe of Alain Martel (Robert Recckia)

Childe of Lysander (NPC)

Childe of Artemis Orthia (NPC)

Childe of Ventru (NPC)

Kira was born in 1947, leading a mortal life of little note, before being embraced in 1973, Her Sire locked her in a room for the better part of 30 years, letting her out only for The Choice. She became desperate for his continued presence, a sort of Stockholm syndrome. She demands respect from those beneath her, and proper deferential respect to those who are superior. Upon her release in 2003, a lavish party was held, where she was introduced to many of the kindred she would maintain contact up to the current day. She hoped to do her sire proud... and then, barely a year later, Peter Warren was killed by hunters.

Ms.Mantle stopped attending court or any public function for nearly 6 months, politely refusing to discuss the matter with anyone who asked. Elder Cornelia Mowebary stepped in, and brought the young Mantle back into a proper mental state.

Perhaps seeking to step out from the shadow of her Sire and his final death, Ms.Mantle moved to Kelowna in 2004, and becoming Seneschal in 2009(after her predecessor tried to seize praxis, and fled the city)

Her mortal identity is involved in the management of several private schools, starting as young as preschool age, and Mantle herself offers several scholarships to promising youths. Much of her influence is a result of students being directed towards those roles. Her time has started to pay off, and former students are starting to find themselves in exactly the positions she needs them in. A little blackmail here, a reference there, and now the secretary to the chief of police is wrapped around her finger. She has enough sway in her local Vital Statistics office to help kindred establish living mortal identities. But not all students end up at such heights...but they may just remember a teacher who was 'kind' to them. Enough to not say anything when she comes to them for street Adderal...

Ms.Mantle no longer has much empathy for the Kine. While she isn't cruel, she is efficient, if she has a need, and a mortal can fill it, she has no shame in simply ordering them to do as she desires. For more long-term manipulations, she is happy to have husbands cheat on their wives, with her or another, to create blackmail. She loves knowing every dirty little secret, who gets off on wearing diapers, or who keeps the female students after class in exchange for an 'A'...

Ms.Mantle aspires to have a praxis of her own one day. As a neonate she knows that day is likely far off, but so long as she keeps going, one day, she will claim the title 'Prince'. In 2015 and 2016, Ms.Mantle made attempts to seize Praxis in Kelowna, and was completely outmaneuvered. Unlike her predecessor however, these failures were not met with destruction, instead simply some public humiliation, involving being brutally beaten by Prince Selene D'Etienne. Ms.Mantle maintained her position, despite these attempts, and the treachery is considered a firmly closed topic of conversation both by herself, and the Prince...

Mr. Elijah Stone of House Asher, acted as her sworn bodyguard for the past decade, and they still work closely together in the city of Kelowna.

In the course of her studies, Ms.Mantle has taken a particular interest in the powers of the blood, and while she finds herself with little time for her own interests, she wishes she had the time and resources to study the remarkable array of disciplines displayed by kindred. Other matters of interest to her include Kindred History, and the matters of the occult.

Sometimes, it might be faster to list the things that Ms.Mantle is not involved with to some degree. A short list of her known associates would include Nosferatu spymasters, Malkavian prophets, Ancient Setites, and even more unusual kindred. Elders from many clans think of Ms.Mantle as 'someone to watch'. Even some of the more inhumane members of the Independant Alliance note her as an impressive specimen. From Austin, to Washington, from Vancouver to Montreal, Ms.Mantle is a name that many powerful kindred have heard. If this is a good thing for Ms.Mantle or not remains to be seen.

In December 2017, Kira Mantle's engagement to Nadir was announced.

A former Vassal to Ms.Cornelia Mowebary, Ms.Mantle was been deeply affected by the loss of her patron in January of 2018.


  • She might be having some sort secret affair with the Prince of Kelowna.
  • Her sire wasn't killed by hunters, and his true cause of death is being covered up.
  • It's rumored that in 2005 Ms.Mantle was granted permission to embrace... but no one has seen this supposed childer.
  • Ms. Mantle is actually the newest Alternate Identity for Alain Martel, created under the cover of Obfuscate and an elaborate chain of deceased childer/sires.
  • Ms. Mantle once ordered Mr.Stone to carry out the extermination of an entire lineage of purebred dogs, simply because the barking of one irritated her. Corgis have fled from Ms.Mantle ever since.
  • Ms. Mantle has received instruction in several rare abilities,(these rumors extend as far as including Thaumaturgy) and may even be working to develop her own novel discipline.
  • In a private section of Ms.Mantle's haven, there is a shrine made of china figurines, each a gift from her sire, given on the anniversaries of her Embrace
  • The kindred around Ms.Mantle seem to always suffer some manner of horrible fate, some call it a curse on her, "the widow's kiss".
  • Kira Mantle has a tattoo somewhere on her person.
  • Ms. Mantle has a death wish putting herself in the path of danger with the hopes of ending her else can one explain an engagement to a snake?
  • It is impossible to lie to Ms.Mantle. She has some unusual power of the blood that can compel the truth, in a way that is normally impossible


"Never underestimate the depths of my pettiness!"

"There has been far too much vitae lost in recent nights for us to continue to bring our sect-mates to final death simply because of personal slights".

"Mr.Stone, fetch me the screaming pillow".

"I have people to be busy for me".

"I like to do good more than be good".

"NO!" -Kira's last word.


  • "If you gain the loyalty of this rare gem, nurture her for she knows service as only a Ventrue can." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "There are some you can trust, some you can trust to make your life difficult, and some you cannot trust at all. I challenge you to discern which of these our dear Ms. Mantel falls into. Be wary, young Neonate. Choosing poorly will make for a difficult evening." - Övé Háskell
  • "Seneschal Mantle is just more proof that age does not mean wisdom or power. She is a fine example that all kindred can contribute to society, and the admiration the Tower gives her provides hope it may one day change from its archaic traditions." - Ambassador Lucian Ashford
  • "Illegitimi non carborundum." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "A shining gem in a battered crown, she seizes opportunities and forges success where others have failed." - Alain Martel
  • "A true model of unfettered ambition, Mantle carves her future in ivory with the fresh eyes of a modern Dali." - Yvette Hightower
  • "The courage of her blood coupled with the charm of her liege. I cannot wait to see what she becomes. Given the chance." - Gaius Aquillius
  • "This young Kindred has potential. Let's hope that the courage in her heart and the drive in her soul can be tempered with the guile and patience required to survive the games we Kindred play" - Philippe Etienne du Marchaumont
  • "Ms. Mantle has clawed her way to the verge of greatness, and I pity anyone who underestimates her mettle and determination." - Robert Davison Covington-Lockwood
  • "Going to like be supes like pissed if like guarding this B like during her like wedding, like gets me killed. Like wtf am I like constantly like putting like myself at like risk for like the enemy?" - Karma
  • "Well like...really? Like, gross way to like die, and like I don't like think any gal like wants to be like eaten out like THAT way." - Karma
  • "Ms Mantle was a young loremaster of exceptional potential. Her intelligence was riveled by her ambition. She was a mentoree of mine, she would have made a good Carpathian but was Ventrue through and through. Her enemies like Oedipus sought to avoid their fates." -Elder Zoltan Bathor
  • "I warned her. Time and again, I warned her. But no. She was too proud to listen, and she fucking died for it. Once more for the cheap seats - DO NOT TRUST NADIR! YOU DON'T WANT NO PART OF THAT SHIT!" - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "I wasn't a fan. In fact, she caused trouble for one I care for but she didn't deserve what she got. Death is one thing but having your soul prevented from moving on to its final rest is a punishment harsher than her crimes." - Zach Staley
  • "Let her be the cautionary tale we need. The Tower does not rescue lost causes, but it can avenge them." - Thaddeus Moreau

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