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Kirke profile.JPG

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Kirke
Tribe: Corax
Breed: Corvid
Camp: Chaser
Pack: Vanguard's Map
Sept: Sept of the Second Chance

Notable Traits: Rarely seen in strictly Homid form, Kirke spends most of her time switching between Harpy and Raven form. As a raven, she is mostly indistinguishable from others of the Common Raven species except for a slight bluish purple sheen on the back of her neck. In her homid and harpy forms, she has teal blue and purple hair, a gift that she received after requesting to be "more colorful" as a human than the pure black that she had known as a bird. While standing still or perched, she has a regal air of sleek beauty about her...but stick around her for much longer and you will likely see her as the impulsive, curious young raven that she naturally is.


Kirke hatched in the spring of 2015 (she has no concept of what exact date it was) in the western edge of Colorado Springs north of Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs. She was the first hatched of three other nest mates, though she estimates her total siblings to be "at least 15, of the one's currently living." Her Raven name, while unpronounceable to anyone not a corvid of some sort, roughly translates to "magic changer." She was given the name Kirke by Bookie, the Corax that performed the Rite to create her as a shifter, based off of the sorceress from The Odyssey who performed transfigurations.

As a Corax she is naturally inquisitive and loves learning, though her knowledge base at her young age is extremely knowledgable in certain areas while utterly (one might even say hilariously) lacking in others. While she has learned the basics of human and Garou society and can speak fluent English, she doesn't understand abstractions and sarcasm well at all. She is also a wild animal at heart and is mostly motivated by food and the promise of more of it, though shiny things is a close second.


  • Needed to have the house she was staying in "childproofed" as a fledgling Corax, lest she shred paper towels and toilet paper, spill drinks everywhere, steal dog food, pull the stuffing out of cushions, and cache bits of food in shoes. Young ravens are very excitable, especially one's trying to figure out what hands are and how they work.
  • Will endlessly hum and whistle any tune she is exposed to.
  • Poops on the cars of her enemies.
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Kirke (accidentally) pictured in front of pack mate Valdemar

Quotes by Kirke

  • "*gasp* SHINY!!"
  • "Can I eat it? ...Okay, but are you sure I can't eat it?"
  • "Mammalian breeding is...unpleasant."
  • "I learned a new sound! Would you like to hear it?" - Kirke to fellow Corax Bookie after hearing an Ajaba laugh.

Quotes about Kirke

  • "Her stranger qualities are far outweighed by her cunning, talent, knowledge. I'd wager she will prove that she is worth her weight in whiskey." - Michael O'Calahan
  • "NO! Don't eat his eye! That's terrible! What!? NO, THEY DON'T GROW BACK!" - Silent Forest
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OOC Information

Player: Dee Livermore
Player Email:
Storyteller: Mykle McGovern
Storyteller Email:

Location: Colorado Springs, CO