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Public Dossier

Name: Kiro Antono

Notable Traits: When seen outside of his jumpsuit, it is clear that he has a cybernetic right hand and visible nano-wires in his skin, and a fully cybernetic left arm. His pupils have a mirror-like sheen.

Education: The Naval Academy of Empyrean

Type: Human

Homeworld: Celini 5 (Agricultural Planet in The Expanse of Sector 5)

Origin: Spacer

Professional Competencies: Piloting, Botany/Horticulture

Current Profession: Helmsman and Horticulturalist of The Green Dream

Self-Identity: He/him, Pansexual

Biography (some information not publicly known. Please ask for clarification)

Kiro Antono was born in the Expanse, the son of a transplanted Elite and the descendant of a transplanted Elite who were administering a terraformed agricultural planet. As Kiro became older, it was clear that Celini 5 was not the place for him. He took the knowledge he had gained living in the household of an overseer and horticulturalist (and the knowledge of what it meant to be Elite, even at that distance) and enrolled in a military academy to prepare him for The Citadel and eventually The Empyreal Navy.

And then, just when everything seemed to be going right for the young cadet, calamity: He had a Probability Analysis Matrix installed. It was no small thing, and he had passed numerous psychological and physical tests to ensure that he could handle it. And he could, after a fashion. But seeing more than the human mind was meant to see caused a crisis in him, making him lose touch with his humanity. It would build and build until, at the tender age of nineteen, he washed out of the Military Academy

He returned to the Expanse, to Celini 5, and found that his home was no longer a home. After butting heads with his parents, he was cast out and took to the stars with only a small cache of credits in a trust fund his grandfather had set up for him. He would slowly spiral out of control, taking any job that he could to get by and fund his further enhancement. As he fell, he indulged in any vice he could, desperate to feel like a human being.

Eventually, a token from home would bring him out of his descent. He began to rebuild his life, to find the humanity of work, and of working with his hands in the dirt and the vegetation like his grandfather taught him. He threw himself into horticulture and started to rebuild his life. Kiro would eventually start plying his trade, both as a horticulturalist and a pilot. He has recently joined the crew of The Green Dream.


4087 Kiro is born on the bread basket planet of Celini 5 in the Expanse
4089 Kiro's little sister, Quaestor Antono, is born.
4091 As a young child, Kiro first hears stories of the Empyrean Navy. They ensorcell him. While he is smart and a good student of botany and horticulture, he dreams of the stars, and his mother sees an opportunity to increase the family's standing by seeing him serve.
4097 After spending years cultivating his dream (and being carefully pushed towards it by his mother), he is sent into the Core to attend The Naval Academy of Empyrean, a preparatory military school intended to forge ready-made naval officers before they even got close to the Citadel.
4102 Cadet Kiro Antono, gets his first cybernetic enhancement to help prepare him for the rigors of piloting
4105 Kiro has a Probability Analysis Matrix installed. With this piece of technology (and the information it gives him) he begins having slight mental issues.
4106 Nearing the age of majority and the opportunity to go to The Citadel to join the Empyreal Navy, he washes out of The Naval Academy of Empyrean due to his growing instability.
4106 Beginning to lose touch with his humanity and question the numerous enhancements that he has taken on, Kiro finds himself at an impasse.
4107 Returning to Celini 5, he attempts to regain touch with his humanity by interfacing with the life he sought to escape ten years previous. It does not go well, and he quickly finds himself cast into the Abyss, barely a man, and one without a home or a star to guide him.
4107 Cut off from the wealth of his family and finding the small fund his grandfather set aside for him to be dwindling, he begins taking short-term jobs piloting to keep him alive and keep his cybernetics healthy, functional, and in some cases upgrading despite the horrors and instability that his Enhancements had caused.
4109 Desperate to feel human, he throws himself into bad relationships, takes on riskier and riskier jobs, and wastes what little disposable income he has is invested in numerous vices.
4109 After smuggling goods into The Under, flush with credits from the operation and looking for the next thing to make him feel alive, he met Zee across their bar at Breaker's
4112 While doing a job out in The Verge, everything goes wrong. The crew he is working with is ambushed by mercenaries. They get out alive, and even make it out with their cargo, but at great personal cost. Kiro loses his left arm, but the corporate interests that had hired his crew through a series of subsidiaries and shell corporations sees to its replacement.
4112 Kiro and Quae's grandfather passes. When Quae returns home from the Core for the funeral, she reads his journals and discovers that their mother had cast Kiro out and manipulated the rest of the family to go along with it. She also remember's Kiro's love of learning with their grandfather out in the dirt. She gathers the journals, and his books on botany, and heads into the Expanse once more to find her brother.
4113 After tracking down the paper trail left in Kiro's wake, Quae is led to Breaker's Bar in The Under, and to Zee. Zee accepts the books from Quae on Kiro's behalf, convincing her that they have only his best interests in mind. However, she is unable to convince them that her reconnecting with Kiro is what's best for him. Zee reviews the information within to make sure that it will benefit him and, realizing it would be good for him to see (and that having a horticulturalist aligned with The Under would be wonderful too).
4113 About three months later, Kiro returns from a mission in the Verge to The Under. Zee gives him the books and journals and encourages him to reconnect with that which he loved and lost. Kiro reads a note, left by Quae, that says "Stay Green Kiro." When he asks them about who brought the package, Zee tells him that it was his sister, and that she seemed to be genuinely interested in reconnecting with him and being a part of his life.
4113 After a few weeks of digesting the information that he had received and that his sister was out looking for him, Kiro reaches out to Quae. A month later, they are reunited at ((Location TBD))
4115 A new reputation begins to form; The new Kiro is an interesting, if odd man. A skilled pilot and a burgeoning expert in horticulture and botany. He is able to ply both trades and begins to rebuild his life.
4118 Kiro joins the crew of The Green Dream at the behest of its captain, Mr.Durant.

Across the Universe

...Tales Left In His Wake (Rumors about Kiro)

  • Kiro is a Fetch! He was taken by the Thurisaz, and this so-called 'recovery' is just his shitty life being normalized by a Fetch.
  • Despite his growing positive public persona, the scars of his former downfall have left him an incurable addict.
  • Regardless of his public face, he is still the space scum that he was five years ago and belongs in the Under.

Speaking for Oneself (Quotes from Kiro)

  • "Humanity is a hell of a thing to lose and a dammed hard thing to get back."

Word Across the Stars (Quotes about Kiro)

Among the Human Diaspora (Allies, Shipmates, Contacts, and Rivals)


Background ties needed

  • Ships/Crews to have served recently as short-term pilot on. (Positive Ties)
  • Stations and Colonies to have advised as a horticulturalist (Positive Ties)
  • Scum and Villainy to have encountered during his free fall. (Positive or Negative Ties)
  • Former Lovers/Companions (male, female, anything beyond and in between quite acceptable) to have fallen into the arms of in the course of his trying to regain his humanity. May be long term or short-term. (Positive or Negative Ties)
  • Fellow Officers or Pilots to have 'come up' with in The Academy on Empyrean before he washed out. (Positive or Negative Ties)
  • Feel free drop me a line and pitch me a story, and I will contact you to work something out. No. Seriously. Let's do this

Character Inspirations

  • Kyra "Starbuck" Thrace - Battlestar Galactica
  • Lee "Apollo" Adama - Battlestar Galactica
  • Pawter Simms - KillJoys
  • John Jacobi - KillJoys
  • Corbin - The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
  • Poison Ivy - DC Comics
  • The Bandit - Smokey and the Bandit


OOC Information

Player: Brian M. Gang

Player Email:

Storyteller: Em Peloquin

Storyteller Email:

Location: Veritaxis in the Xion-Taul System