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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Kishi Romanov
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: Noh Joy
Pack: Nameless
Sept: Sept of Warrior's Wisdom


Homid: Medium height with a sleek, athletic build. Flowing, deep auburn hair, large gray eyes, and pale skin dusted with freckles.
Kyubi (fox form): A bright red fox with long, lovely, black paws and a goofy grin.


Tale of Kishi’s First Tail:
1880 - 1999
March 24, 1880 - Kishi was born and there was great joy, for she was a blessed Shinjin. Seriously, just ask her!
January 22, 1898 - Had her first change before the Lunar New Year celebrations
Kish spent most of her youth traveling throughout the Beast Court territories with one traveling circus after another. When asked, she’ll go into great and overly dramatic details of life on the road, all the animals, and the great fun had among the humans.
During WWII, she used her own circus to help smuggle Jewish refugees into hiding all over Asia. She has never been shy about the experience, though she becomes more reserved when she talks of the families she helped.
After the war ended, Kishi continued with the circus life and spent only special holidays with her family.
In the late 1990’s Kishi permanently returned to the Beast Courts for a family visit when she met a young Philodox Stargazer, Maki Taihi (Tai). He asked her why she had abandoned her duties to Gaia’s chosen to entertain the humans. Though that had not been her intent when she chose to travel, his words stuck with her, echoing in her memory. With a smile, she bid her circus days farewell.

Tale of Kishi’s Second Tail:
During the next few years in the courts, when not entertaining the courts, she focused on her skills of sneaking and blending in with the local humans. She did so well, that she was able to audition and star in a traditional Nogaku performance. For some, this might not seem like a special feat, but Nogaku, or Noh, is traditionally a male only production. Her performance was so enthralling and pleased the elders and spirits so well, she was brought to her second (and current) rank and given the name, “Noh Joy”
In 2010, Kishi got wind of the battle happening in Russia. Kishi went to Tai, telling him that she was going to help if she could. Without saying a word, the young philodox grabbed his things, and turned back to the Kitsune, saying simply, "Then let us be off..." Kishi spent most of the battle distracting the enemy and keeping the spirits of Gaias’ Warriors from failing. She was exceptionally good at getting the enemy to give chase, but it turns out, she wasn’t fast enough... While attempting to distract an attack, Kishi was ambushed by a waiting Vampire. She was holding her own, but was beginning to fail. The vamp was moving so fast, as fast as one of the Garou did while being pushed by their rage. But Tai saw the foe start to get the advantage on his friend, he did the first thing he could think of, diving between the vampire and the Kitsune. Unfortunately for him, the vampire took the advantage of him being concerned about his friend, sinking it's fangs into the Stargazer's neck. As the vampire start to feed from her best friend, Kishi had recovered enough to attack it again, pulling him off the Stargazer, who collapsed to the ground. The vampire glared at Kishi. He caught Kishi’s eyes and said, “Freeze”.
She froze.
Kishi couldn’t move. She could only watch as it started to move towards the her. But a loud snarl reverberated from behind the creature and Tai, in his most dangerous form charged at the vampire and began a fearsome battle that ended with a pile of ash where the vampire stood
Kishi spent the rest of the battle watching over her, now exceptionally pale, friend. She avoided the vampires whenever possible, but kept the Warriors spirits up.
After the battle was over, Kishi and Tai returned to Japan and stayed in the Beast Courts. Kishi’s wanderlust was satiated and she didn’t even consider leaving the Courts until 2014, when Tai got a request from a Shadow Lord in Arizona, USA.


  • [1880-1898] Kyoto, Japan - Born to Kame and raised within the halls of the family home
  • [January 22, 1898] Had her first change when crying about not having being able to go into town for the festivities of the (lunar) New Year.
  • [June 6, 1898] Chose the path of Clay / Kataribe - Her grandmother, an elder Nine Tailed Kitsune, performed the rites and rituals.
  • [1926-1954] Decided to bring more light to the world and traveled to the Japanese influenced areas of Asia where joined one traveling circus after another. It wasn’t solid time on the road, but it took up most of her time.
  • [1941] Began helping the Anti-Nazi movements smuggle Jews into Asia. She helped by creating a traveling circus to offer a means of travel and placement of these people into safe locations around Asia.
  • [1945-1955] Spent a year as a Miko in Kenshin’s temple after losing her mother at the Bombing of Nakasake
  • [1999 February 16] When visiting her family for New Year, she caught a glimpse of the newest members of the Beast Courts; Stargazers. She met Maki Taihi (Tai), who asked why Kishi had abandoned Gaia's people. This brought her life into a different focus. Though he was young, he was able to bring her out of her denial and helped her come to terms with the loss of her mother. So, Kishi chose to abandon the Circus and begin her "Second life".
  • [2000-2009] Kishi was a dutiful Story Teller to the children, and Geisha to the elders and their guests.
  • [2010] Battle at Sept of the Crescent Moon -
  • [2014-Present] Followed Tai to Arizona

Known Associates




  •  「頭隠して尻隠さず。」 - Flux
(Atama kakushite shiri kakusazu/You hide your head but fail to hide your ass.)
  • "I'm honestly not sure what to think of her... she keeps me on my toes. One moment she's like the sister I never had, another she's the best friend I always need." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Incredible, simply incredible. Such an attentive student, and able to flick out of that mindset in an instant and become a LOT of fun. I'm glad I met her, I really am." - Damage Control
  • "My Kishi...she is everything she ought to be and perfect in ways I shall never know, for she is born blessed as I am not. I watch the road that she walks, embodying the very essence of the Kitsune struggle to integrate with the Sunset People, and this endeavor is challenge to her in ways I can never truly know, having been accepted early on because I was born imperfect and flawed. To accept me, the Grace of Heaven, is to accept Noh Joy; one day you will all see why I say she is perfect and blessed, as she stands side by side with me." - Grace of Heaven

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  • A mischievous fox, the reason Kishi is "perfect" is because she's actually lupus and playing a bizarre kitsune game, pretending to be metis.
  • Is secretly a Garou who takes painstaking effort to paint her fur with each form shift.
  • Once caught a fish the length of her arm, and then proceeded to devour the evidence.
  • Is actually ALLOFTHE shy.
  • Has a weakness for grey eyes and red hair.
  • The VERY best Yip Yip!
  • Rumor here.

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