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Commonly Known Information about Kismet

Name: Kismet

Notable Traits: She is respectful but opinionated

Clan: Clan of the Rose

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"Not all vampires have to be evil asshats."- Kismet

Kismet appeared in the Denver Court sometime after the Anachs left for Golden, CO. With the shakeup of the new Ventrue Prince taking control of the domain, she found a home in the Domain, seemingly to have come from nowhere.

Young, and with a “millennial” series of beliefs she is most often seen with a laptop in hand, and a more modern outlook in the world. She is often outspoken about her feeding choices. Asked more than once about having passed the accounting, she will state very clearly that yes, she is her own person.

Kismet is said to be working on some sort of top secret project “for the good of all vampires”.

Find-able Information on Kismet

  • Despite being a young vampire her mortal name isn't easily uncovered.
  • She has an instagram, it's covered in cat pictures. So is her Tumblr.
  • Her art is supposedly digital art, there's some debate if that's real art or not

Speculation about Kismet


  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • Quote here.
  • Quote here.

Information about THE PROJECT

This is currently Top Secret and not ready for Kindred eyes.

Shit you should know


OOC Notes on the PROJECT

The project will be revealed in time to the community. Stay tuned!

You can subscribe here: Link

OOC Inspirations for Kismet

Kismet was inspired by the following:

  • What if the MES was brought into the modern world of technology?
  • How can we better recruit for the MES as a whole?
  • What is a realistic look at not being a monster in the modern world?
  • Millenial Vegans as vampires
  • American Meme Netflex Documentary
  • Bringing character concepts into the 2020s, kicking and screaming
  • Social Media Vampires

OOC Information

Player: Juliet Meyer

Player Email: TBD

Storyteller: Raymond Bruels III

Storyteller Email:

Location: Denver, CO

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