Konstantin Lostova

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Konstantin Lostova

Notable Traits: A pale, gaunt man, Konstantin looks the part of the wild-eyed, disheveled scholar and theologian. Favoring simple, utilitarian clothing, Konstantin speaks with a heavy Russian accent and fiery determination. He is never far from a tattered black notebook which appears very dear to him.

OOC Notable Traits Info: Inhumane (on a Path of Enlightenment)

Sect/Position/Status: Sabbat (Initiated as True Sabbat, Anointed as a Keeper of the Sacred Text (Book of Nod))

Clan: Tzimisce

Generation: 11th

Lineage: House Vratislav

Pack: None, Seeking one

Path: Path of Metamorphosis

Common Knowledge:

Konstantin is a member of the Orthodox faction of the Sabbat and some might consider him a poster child for it. A former pack priest now in search of a new pack after his was hunted down by mortal hunters, Konstantin is a keeper of a sacred text, a fragment of the Book of Nod, and he considers it his sacred duty to protect it as well as the spiritual well-being of his fellow True Sabbat. A fiery orator and renowned vampiric theologian, Konstantin has served the Sabbat since the late 1960s and continues to do so in his capacity as a leader of spiritual matters.

Biography (OOC Information):

Konstantin was born into a poor rural family in the Ural Mountains, where his family had lived for countless generations. His father was an Eastern Orthodox patriarch and he grew up in the church, the youngest of eight sons and often ignored by his father in favor of his older siblings. Konstantin however was very devoted to the church at an early age and he soon entered into service and served his father’s congregation faithfully for years before moving to Moscow to continue his studies at seminary. Then, World War II broke out and Konstantin was conscripted into the Red Army, like many of his generation. Five long years of fighting and nearly starving to death did little to deter the faith of the young Russian and after the war, Konstantin returned to the church with a lot less hope of humanity saving itself from the horrors it had unleashed during the world and a firm belief in working towards divine salvation.

He served as a lesser priest within the Orthodox church for a decade before becoming the patriarch of the church in Kushva, a small town in the Ural Mountains of his homeland. Konstantin preached of fire and brimstone, of the hellish horrors he had seen and called upon his flock to repent or burn eternally in hell. It was a very unorthodox approach but his faith was not to be challenged and his methods were found effective by not only the fathers of the church but also a traveling Tzimisce pack priest named Dmitri Zantosa.

Dmitri tested the priest’s fervor from the shadows, haunting his dreams and waking hours alike. It was within the third month of this that Konstantin discovered the vampire through his own keen investigation and nearly destroyed him by finding his hiding place in the middle of the day. Curiosity and determination to confront the “demon” that was plaguing him, Konstantin did not destroy Dmitri but rather waited until the vampire awakened and began to ask him questions. Dmitri, pleased with the skill the priest had shown, took him as his ghoul and smuggled him away from Russia and into the United States, to help aid his roaming pack against the Camarilla and to serve as a “potential recruit” and a servant of Dmitri’s own Orthodox faith.

It was in his second year of serving as the Bloody Fingers’ pack ghoul that Dmitri found Final Death at the hands of an Anarch pack along with most of its other members while passing through Texas. Konstantin escaped further south, searching for other members of the Sabbat for help and it was in a small rural town that he found an ally and salvation in Mrs. Webber (played by Nicole Ortiz), a faithful Tzimisce who saw much potential in the ghoul. She soon Embraced him and took him under her wing until he was declared True Sabbat.

His keen mind was noticed by other members of his new family, the House Vratislav, in particular its founder, Constantine. The elder took a special interest in guiding Konstantin towards the Path of Metamorphosis as well as koldun sorcery, believing the young vampire might possess the mental faculties to have a command of both… or die trying. The tests and trials Konstantin underwent through his tutelage nearly did destroy him but what was faith unless it was tested?

Years passed and Konstantin remained mostly with his sire and her pack or with the others of his lineage, studying and exploring the depths of his vampiric faith. It was only with the arrival of the mortal hunters and the deaths of many in the Sabbat that the scholarly Tzimisce, gifted by his great-great-grandsire with a fragment of the Book of Nod, took to roaming and bringing the word of Caine to those of the Sabbat who needed to be reminded of their faith.

The war with the Camarilla and the onslaught of the mortal hunters left much of the Sabbat reeling. Konstantin has traveled south to Florida and helped around the central and southern part of the state over the last few years but a recent run in with a hunter left him stranded in Lee County, driven into the cypress swamps and into torpor. He woke up last year and has been biding his time, once more taking to his studies and seeking a new pack to serve as their priest. He has his eyes upon the small outpost between Tampa and Miami - it seems like a good place for a new start and to once more bring the Word of Caine to those who need it.


  • Konstantin is secretly plotting against his lineage for the "good of the Sabbat", having found them to be lacking in faith in the eyes of the Dark Father.
  • Konstantin is cursed by spirits of water and finds he must submerge himself in water or be destroyed each night upon waking in a fashion similar to drowning but effecting even undead.
  • Konstantin is blood bound to his lineage's founder.

Associations/Character Ties

Gretchen Webber: His sire, Mrs. Webber is seen as a paragon of what True Sabbat should be. Konstantin finds her to be a spiritual pillar among both his sect and his clan.

Constantin Odobleja: The head of the House Vratislav lineage, Konstantin revers his great-great-great-grandsire as everything a Tzimisce should strive to become.

OOC Information

Player: Chris McCoy (US2007111445)

Player Email: kiltedboggan@gmail.com

Storyteller: Troy Lees

Storyteller Email: fmsabbatst@gmail.com

Location: Fort Myers, FL