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Аво́сь да как-нибу́дь до добра́ не доведу́т. - Russian Proverb
Konstantin Rurik
"Be Passionate, Be Determined. Be Brujah….but NEVER be Common." - Mila

Personal Information

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Full Name: Konstantin Rurik
Date of Birth: Summer of 1010
Embrace: 1032
Apparent Age: Mid-30's
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Elder
Position: Prince
City: Los Angeles, CA


Konstantin has a broad, strong build. Though not necessarily tall he can easily make his presence known. He tends to have a smile or smirk, and often wears fine shirts and slacks, though will eschew ties or other trappings of more formal attire. Even for the shirt will see the sleeves often rolled up a few turns from his wrists. He has an easy, casual air about him most of the time.



Konstantin comes across as endearing and jovial, with a large personality that he is all too willing to share. He takes up a fatherly or instructive stance with any neonate who impresses him, and he will offer advice or examples often in the form of a story or tale from some experience he had or another, though such stories may defy belief.

Allies and Enemies

Known History

Hailing from the Country now known as Russia, Konstantin has lived across most of Europe, representing the interests of his family, clan, and the Tower. Though older than the sect itself, he has devoted himself to its ideals since it's foundation.

Astrean Valerii

  Pieces of Life

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Rumors, Truths, and Lies


Konstantin spends regular time at the gym despite the fact that vampires don't need exercise. No one wants to tell him it's a waste of time.
The Anarch Movement is currently working hard to lure him away from the Camarilla, especially after the Bell debacle.
Best Step-Dad 2018!


  • "My brother is my heart and soul." - Mila Rurik
  • "I can say countless things about him, a thousand ways he makes me proud, a thousand hard choices that lead him to forge himself into a being of utter strength and excellence. In the end though, it is all best summed up by one word: son." - Amyntas
  • "He is his Father's son--there is no higher honor I can give." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Without my sire I would never have had the opportunity to achieve my goals." - Don Vittorio Cuoronero
  • "A very agreeable sort of gent, to be sure. I appreciate his friendly nature and willingness to indulge. And I look forward to learning more about the man." - Maxine Chambers
  • "I work for a lot of Elders and very few of them regard me with the amount of respect and trust as Elver Rurik. I am honored to be in his presence and blessed that he sees worth in me." - Pollux Xenos
  • "Do not mistake his joviality for lacking strength." - Salomé St. John
  • "I understand he acquired one of my boons of late. Perhaps I will make his acquaintance because of this." - Sir Koskinen
  • "Stand back a moment and watch the way others respond to him, the way they lean in when he lowers his voice... A commanding presence, effortless. I'm intrigued" - Mischief
  • "He is a reminder that in our veins runs the blood of kings and visionaries. While we may hold differing views on sect politics, he has more than earned my respect and admiration." - Talon Alenzia Komnenos
  • "The individual that says there is only one way is likely being quite honest. They only know of one way. It is the individual that says there must be another way that is the best of us. I would like Prince Rurik to learn this lesson." - Rumi
  • "He's like always so like kind to me, and like I feel like all the weird butterflies. Like I don't know what to say? He's like the good influence you like weren't looking for but like can't help wanting to bask in?" - Karma
  • "Konstantin has this air of politeness about him that a lot of people take for granted. They should really remember what clan he is *before* the mask cracks, but it's more fun to watch the results when they don't." - Jaguar
  • "The strength of a mountain; the relentlessness of a forest fire; the passion of a first love; the dedication of the strongest priest." - Seamus Montague
  • "No one will ever understand me like my brother, and that is perhaps for the best. He is a measure from which all my poor male lovers shall ever fall short. Unless he is siding with Mila again, in which case he is thinking like a toreador and I will still love him when he comes to his senses." - Sofiya Rurik
  • "He is infuriating because I want to hate him and I can't. I will probably never fully understand some of his choices and I sure as hell don't agree with all of them. But at the end of the day he's a Brujah and he's not dumb so I'd walk through fire for him." - Marianne Dashwood
  • "He is a lovely gentleman, with the charm and wit to disarm even the most adamant naysayer. I am glad to act as his Seneschal and proud to call him friend." ~Donzella Costigan
  • "Konstantin would give someone the shirt off his back, or rip their spine out with his bare hands. Usually he lets them decide which treatment they get." - Dicky Coughlin
  • "This is the twin I have not known so well over the many years, but I can definitively state that he is the kinder of the pair...all appearances to the contrary aside." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "A fascinating gentleman - more cultured and urbane than those antitribu I'm used to encountering. I'd would say that I'd love to be able to sit and talk with him for hours, but I know better than to wish for things that cannot be due to our chosen paths and courses chosen in life." - Archbishop Morreti
  • "I believe the term would be 'Rough Trick', but I find such experiences... thoroughly enjoyable~" - Johann Prinz
  • "Quotey Quotes" - yournamehere

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