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  • Embrace date: Unknown
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Tzimisce
  • Sire: Yorak
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Unknown
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project

Physical Description

An elderly Romanian man, Koscecsyku’s distinguishing features are his short stature, his bushy eyebrows, and his insistence on wearing a Greek tunic and chiton.

Brief History

Born to nobility, Kosczecsyku took to the life of a Tzimisce like a duck to water. He set his sights on securing his political position and soon held considerable power over his territory in Eastern Transylvania, earning the title of Voivode among his Clan. Shortly thereafter he turned his attention to fleshcrafting and blood magic. As he focused on these pursuits his childer began maneuvering him out of his lands. It is rumored that in 983 CE Kosczecsyku feigned his own death by the hands of the Lupines to trick his eldest childer into ceasing his aggressions against him. Along with his apprentice and favored childe, Vrisa, the Voivode dedicated himself to the art of fleshcrafting books of thaumaturgical knowledge. It is said that Kosczecsyku joined the Sabbat not for power or philosophy, but for access to sources of their thaumaturgical rites. It is said that he still pays well for access to captured Tremere.

Current Status

While neither a true loremaster nor a koldun, Kosczecsyku continues to expand his knowledge of blood magic and in doing so continues to add to his library of flesh-crafted books.

Known Childer

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 600 BCE to 983 CE, 1600 CE to 1700 CE. Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Sabbat
  • Path: Any. Metamorphosis is favored.
  • Skills: Any two of the following at 3+: Academics, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, or Occult
  • Flaw: The hatred of all Tremere is ingrained in his childer. They must take Intolerance: Tremere.


  • Backgrounds: Herd, Influences, Resources, or Retainers
  • Special: Childer should either be Kolduns or have the Merit Thaumaturgical Training


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