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  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed, Established, and Priveleged as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Noble as Primogen of Clan Assamite


  • 1485: Embraced
  • 1485-1850s: Seen infrequently in Eastern Europe and throughout the reach of the Ottoman Empire, but rarely stayed in one place long.
  • 1918: Relocates to Austin, Texas. Agress to help the local Camarilla in exchange for the right live locally in peace.
  • 1933: Remains in Austin when the Camarilla leaves, laying low during the Anarch wars
  • 1999: Camarilla returns to Austin. Does not actively participate on either side of the conflict.
  • 2004: Joins the Camarilla with the rest of the Assamite Schismatics
  • 2009: Becomes Primogen of the Assamite Clan after his predecessor vanishes in the middle of court.


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Name: Kosto Raav
Public Alias: Abdullah ibn Tobar

Clan: Assamite Schismatic Sect Camarilla

Notable traitskr.png

  • An older male
  • Salt and pepper beard
  • Commonly seen wearing a straw hat and carrying an ornately-carved cane


  • "Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that his accent is constantly changing? I think he's fucking with us"
  • "I think I heard him say something about the Laws of Hakken or something? What does that mean?"
  • "He has a chess fetish."
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  • "He's like all Truman Capote and like super softspoken. But like, come ooooon. Not like we're like forgetting he's from like a family of killers." - Karma
  • "This John Hammond-looking motherfucker is just disarming enough for stupid people to forget his entire line is a bunch of diablerie-happy killers-for-hire." - Turmoil
  • "Kosto and I go back a fair ways. Keeps to himself, mostly, but when things needed killing he always had a hand in it. Joining up with the Tower, though... Makes things harder than they used to." - Clint
  • "That's right, I touched him. Not like that, ya perv. He's just an Assamite, he doesn't have cooties." - Payback
  • "Han er et sterkt tillegg til Tårnet." - Olaf
  • "Ég veit að það er ekki hár barur, en hann er betri en flestir borgarinnar. Mér líkar við hann." - Olaf
  • "His calm cerebral ways make him the perfect yin to Prince Olaf's yang. With the two of them working together I have complete confidence the domain will surmount every obstacle." - Xavior Langston
  • "He walks upright down a path of righteousness. God is good, brother." - Tamara Rose Lindon
  • "My grandsire has called me here. I answer. He is a man of patience and integrity - how could I do less?" - Gabriel
  • "The Eldest, is a man of Wisdom and Peace. I have a lot to learn from my grandsire." - Samuel Hayes
  • "He was quiet. He was therefore Listening and Thinking. I don't get impressed easily, because I tend to be surrounded by idiots. He impressed me enough to consider him someone worthy of respect because of this. May he disseminate the information he gleaned from our encounter successfully and effectively." Liam Dunsrin, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "It had been so long since I've last seen my grandsire's quiet patience melt away in a rage. I almost pity the monstrous Dryads. ...Almost." - Gabriel
  • "When there are moves to be made in the dark, he knows to be seen standing in the light." - Charles Blaine
  • "Apparently, when the death Mage is eating ham... it's a cause to get anxious about." - Payback
  • "Elder Kosto is so smart and wise. Whenever I have a question, he tends to have an answer. I like going to him with questions!" - Patience Benette
  • "I have learned that when serendipity offers education, a refusal often leads to a lesson forced. Two rivers converging often means the landscape shall change soon."
  • "I have a deep respect for the Elder, regardless of political leanings. He and I have waxed philosophical on many subjects, and he was one of the first to show me respect at the multi sect gathering I attended. I look forward to our next encounter" - Tyrus
  • "One would be wise to contemplate how such a innocuous looking Kindred has survived for centuries, including spending years in some of the most dangerous portions of the world. Then, if it is your wish, assume that his stillness means your safety. The price of this mistake is one that our species can most reasonably afford." - Christopher Drake
  • "Your Quote." - Your name





Kosto Raav

Clan: Assamite Schismatic
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Kelly Nine
VST: Daniel B.

I am always looking for ties & allies, so feel free to reach out at any time!