Krieger Sauer

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Commonly Known Information


Name: Krieger Sauer

  • Golem
  • Leather Daddy of the Tremere
  • Anger Translator for Elders

Clan: Tremere
Sire: Lavinia MacDonald
Society: Societatis Quaesitori - TREMERE ONLY

Notable Traits:
4 Tattoos

  • Coiled Snake on Left Hand
  • Buddhist Prayer on Right Ribcage
  • Arcane / Hermetic Across Chest and Back
  • Hebrew Word for "Truth" on Neck/Collar Bone


Served as a field Medic in the first Great War, and afterwards saw something he wasn't. Eventually became embraced and associated with House Aragón amongst the Tremere. As always has been a protector of the Camarilla at times and stand up to help when needed, while taking steps to protect the Masquerade and the Camarilla. He Currently Resides within the city of Lincoln, NE setting up a kind of Camarilla Embassy to the Independent Alliance that hold the city. He has studied under numerous amounts of Elders, but for the most part keeps on still being vocal as he wants to be.

Tremere Only: As an Investigator of the Society Quesitori, continues to push the boundaries at times in looking into others if need be. Also has been noted in attempts to create what he calls "new" protectors.



  • Carries the nickname Golem for the fact he doesn't stop once he starts going..
  • Has nothing good to ever say about the Anarchs as a whole
  • Is still considered an avid follower of the Spiritualism Movement
  • Has no internal Tact when it comes to others being stupid.

Spoken Word

What words can be spoken about Krieger the Golem, or phrases he has spoken himself

  • ‘“He sucks all of the air out of the room. Some might be charmed by that, but how can a flame ignite with all of the oxygen used up on his stories?“‘ - Maris Bell
  • ‘“Mr Krieger is able, and a credit to the clan. He does sometimes require management and direction.“‘ - Niko Koskinen
  • ‘“Krieger? He's an inspiration as a warrior. Harnessing tactics and creativity in a way no other can.“‘ - Benji
  • ‘“He may be an unconventional Tremere, but he is par for the course for House Aragon - and there is no denying how effective his methods are.“‘ - Meliora
  • '"There are heights of stubbornness and tenacity upon which the greatest force could batter itself to pieces. Unless you are clever enough to put such resolve on your own side... and then, you have Krieger Sauer."' - Augustin, the Adder
  • ‘“It takes all types. I gave the clan something we achingly need: a moral man with capable skills who is good with his hands and eyes. As for his outspokenness? We're both Americans. If you want high end social skills, go embrace a socialite yourself.“‘ - Lavinia MacDonald
  • ‘“He and I need to talk... but I don't relish visiting that shithole.“‘ - Thaddeus Moreau
  • ‘“ quote “‘ - your name


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OOC Information

Player: Aaron Cox
Storyteller: David Hoelscher
VSS: Snakes and Cadavers
Location: Lincoln, NE

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