Kumpania of the Pedernales

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Kumpania of the Pedernales

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. - Vicktor Frankel

We can spend our days bemoaning our losses, or we can grow from them. Ultimately the choice is ours. We can be victims of circumstance or masters of our own fate, but make no mistake, we cannot be both.


Background Details

Since the Week of Nightmares, many of the remaining Ravnos have begun banding together in small camps, or Kumpanias, trying patch together what lines might still exist. And every Ravnos wanders. Sometimes they do so for security reasons, and other times it is to help another clan members. After being in one place for an extended period of time, the urge to move can be overwhelming, to go about setting the world right and restoring Karmic balance of the wheel.

The Kumpania of the Pedernales accepts Ravnos who are members of the Tower or Anarch movement, but maintains no allegiance to any sect.

Considering how many Ravnos were killed during the Week of Nightmares, non-Ravnos members who have proven themselves over time are accepted as full members of the camp, as protection against a possible recurrence of such destruction. In fact, since 1999 the Baro of the Pedernales has been Jason Adina, a Brujah of Romani descent.

The prevalent mood of this camp swings between tension, fear and bravado. (All of which comes from being part of a clan that some regard now as more of a bloodline.)

Camp Description

A caravan, a travelling circus, a gang, and the ever-present threat of treatment and the rare party so memorable that even Truman Capote was impressed. The Kumpania of Pedernales Falls has this reputation. For a clan of wanderers, the Kumpania was known, prior to the week of nightmares, to have maintained a seasonal schedule of travel throughout Texas and nearby states. With the decimation of their numbers, to include the death of most elders (by each other’s hands) that route is no longer strictly followed.

The Kumpania is comprised of an eclectic collection of mobile havens, campers, trailers, tiny houses, and RVs.

There is a farmstead in Gillespie county near Fredericksburg that serves as the Kumpania’s safe house. A traveler family with the last name is Adina has been resident there since the 1930’s.

Timeline Information

NOTE: Information in Italics in this Timeline is pending approval by the ST chain with jurisdiction over applicable areas and subject to change.

  • 1890 – Kumpania is founded in Texas

* 1891- 1915 - Houston. November Annually - the Kumpania haunts the city during the nights of the No-Tsu-oh Festival.

* 1900 - September - Galveston. Hurricane kills 6,000 to 12,000 people. Salvage and Looting afterwards was rampant. No law enforcement was capable of curtailing thefts. The Kumpania propers in the aftermath, establishing the core of its current wealth from items taken and redistributed.

  • 1905 - Present Day - Dallas. The Kumpania normally gravitates towards DFW during the Texas State Fair spending most of the month of October near the fairgrounds every year that the fair is in operation.
  • 1938-1945 - Because of restrictions on gas usage, and expectation that all able bodied men would be overseas, the Kumpania moves cautiously and for any errands that require entering towns of any size the men chimerically age themselves to be clearly to advanced in years to be pressed into service.
  • 1951 - March - Dallas. A feud between the Adams and Gruene Clans result in 500 mortal Romani gathering, awaiting results of surgery as result of a fight between two teenage boys. It is the largest gathering of Romani in Texas to that point - a number of issues are debated and resolved in kris.
  • 1955 - March - Uvalde. Hagen Circus Bigtop collapses in the middle of the show over an audience of 400 people. Strangely, no one is hurt or requires medical attention. The kumpania incidentally happens to be passing through on circuit when this event comes to pass.
  • 1964 - October - Austin. Michale Adams, 15 year-old son of the Phuri of the Adams Clan dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound. 200 Romani travel with the body to Fort Worth for the funeral rites. Providing protection in the night, members of the Kumpania are shadow escorts for the 200 mile trip from one city to the next, in the midst of territorial disputes between Sabbat and Camarilla.
  • 1969 - December – Anton Caetani and Antonia Caetani join.
  • 1976 - Queen Rosa Adams dies of old age. The Mitchell and Adams clans decline to elect a successor, as her daughter and designated heir passed a year earlier. The mortal Romani have no designated speaker to the dead. The Adina are not acceptable to the mortal Phruo because of their constant exposure to the undead.
  • 1999 - Zapathasura Awakens and the Week of Nightmares occurs. The Kumpania is devastated with loss. The blood spilled in personal combat, added to the others who greeted the sun in the days that followed reduced the camp to approximately one-third it’s previous size. Another surprising outcome was the recognition of Jason Adina as the new Baro.

* 2005 - New Orleans, LA and Surrounding Parishes - in the aftermath of Katrina, the Kumpania lingers for several months, liberating items from places left abandoned and unguarded.

Current Residents

Valued Associates

  • Kosto Raav - Assamite Elder, Resident of Austin. Kosto allows the Kumpania to setup camp in territories that he has claimed. In truth, he is more resident than an associate.

Notable NPCs

Note, there are familial links left open for these NPCs so that PC’s can work with their ST and the ARST to create connections.

  • Josef Adina - Mortal, 85 years old. First child born to the Adina Family after they took possession of the Fredricksburg farmhouse. Any kindred who as been part of the Kumpania since 1930 has interacted with him as child, man, and now respected elder. His health is poor, but his memory is sharp. He was the second son born of eight total children and the father of an equally large family - most of whom live in different cities/countries providing him with a network of family connections he can call upon for information and assistance. Jason Adina is his brother by birth.
  • Maggie Evans - Mortal, 63 years old. Josef’s daughter, returned to the farm when her husband died during week of nightmares. She is reputed to have the sight.
  • Elizabeta Evans - Mortal, 23 years old, Maggie’s youngest daughter. In college, she has been sheltered from knowledge of kindred at the request of Josef. How long that will last is a significant question for the family and clan.
  • Kristof Adina - Mortal, 38 years old. Josef’s grandson. His father died an American Soldier in the 1983 Bombing of the US Embassy in Lebanon. He has known about the Ravnos since 1995 and is the Head man of the Farmhouse, Effectively Phuri of the Mortals who are tied to the kumpania.
  • Other Romani live and work the farmhouse land – open for development as needed.

Kumpania Customs & Courtesies

  • By unspoken consent Ravnos who are declared sect members essentially leave their status at the door when ‘at the campfire’ and dealing with other members of the clan. Relying on Sect status to win an argument or browbeat another into action can happen, but it is seen as acting from a position of weakness that will not easily be forgotten.
  • The Protection of the Fire is the Kumpania’s equivalent of Hospitality and Acknowledgement. Guests must ask for this upon arrival, or they are considered fair targets for fleecing. If asked, it must be granted until the sun’s rays touch the firepit.
  • All Members of the Kumpania are expected to contribute resources to help maintain the camp. The Baro manages and allocates the Kumpania funds.
  • First time visitors to the Kumpania are expected to bring gifts, or their sponsor will make a gift in the name of their guest.
  • Generally once a year the Kumpania arranges to host a large "Outsider's Patshiva" (party) open to allies and contacts. Given so many stand outside the sects, it has become an accepted way to network, gather information and help counter some of the notoriety that the camp has in kindred society. The festivities have at times lasted multiple nights. And strange things have occurred over the years that make for good stories of the "No, I was there when..." In general, these parties have been held in off season fairgrounds scattered throughout the state of Texas.


Sect Status, if any, holds little sway in the nightly management of the Kumpania. The key roles maintained in the present day are (with no OOC status benefits attached).

  • Rom Baro (Leader of the Kumpania) Ultimately makes the rules regarding safety and security of the group. For purposes of respect, treated much as if the Prince of the camp.
  • Phruo/Phuri (Head of the family group in the Kumpania) This will be fleshed out as concepts are built.
  • Krisatora (Judge) – By custom, this role is filled by Brahman unless none are resident in the camp. This role makes rulings on disputes over custom and contracts. The residents agree to be bound by decisions of the Kris (tribal council) when issued. This practice allows for disputes to be resolved so that ill-will and tensions are minimized (if only on the surface).

OOC Camp Information

Kumpania Boundaries are contained in the South Central Region – DPOM and this location falls under the jurisdiction of the ARST C/A.

Mood Board: Pinterest of the Kumpania. Do you want access to the board as a contributor? Email Krisnitori@nyctophobia.com

ST Approvals:

UPDATE - 11/30/27 - Dallas elements are okay per Devon Wier - Dallas VST

Standing Proxy

  • PC’s who have explicit permission from their VST to be considered proxied to the Kumpania between live games in their home VSS may register standing Proxy instructions with the ARST C/A. Such plans should include regular methods of travel, aliases, and other relevant information. The default assumption in this case is that downtime/list proxy play is approved, though should not be used as a way to attempt to escape PvP or PvE in-character consequences.
  • PC’s with such instructions on file, must inform their VST and the ARST both if they instead deviate and are proxying to another location for purposes of game play. Without such notification on file, the alteration is not approved and does not happen in chronicle continuity.
  • In keeping with the clan guide, no Gangrel PCs will be accepted into the Kumpania at the start of location play (Winter 2017). It may be possible for a Gangrel PC to be permitted membership earned through role play.

Visitor Proxies

All incoming proxies require an email with your VST and the ARST C/A cc’ed, including a copy of your Character Sheet, and paragraph stating your intent. Your VST will be given up to 48 hours to respond if the proxy is denied at their end. A proxy approved by your VST can still be denied by the ARST C/A for this DoPM location.

Travel Risks

  • Fredricksburg is at minimum a one-hour drive from Austin and San Antonio. Most of that distance is through open, largely unsettled territory.
  • Moving around the Region in campers, RV trailers, etc. will be moving through open, largely unsettled territory. At times the PCs may encounter unexpected difficulties via plots elements from established VSS in the Region.

Mechanics Notes

Character Sheet

  • All characters must be submitted into the Mind’s Eye Society Approvals System database (the database) to be valid for play. In the event of any questions or disputes, the sheet in the database is considered to be the official version of the character.
  • Certain elements may be disallowed at the ARST discretion, including backgrounds, merits, and disciplines.
  • The ARST strongly recommends that characters who are accepted for Standing Proxy status have the follow items on their character sheet at creation or within the first three months of play:
    • A minimum of Haven 2. This reflects that, as the Ravnos are prone to wandering, they have learned to plan and accommodate for risks of travel.
    • A minimum of Survival 2. This reflects the fact that the Kumpania keeps to the open spaces and rural, undeveloped territories.
    • Flaws - while not required, there are a number of opportunities tied to past events that give the this group a certain reputation. It is not surprising to find that characters have the Notoriety flaw because of their membership in the Kumpania.

Character Risks

PvE situations may occur as the result of encountering local or regional plot since this location is DoPM, but will (to the best of the ST reasoning) be mentioned so that players are aware of the risk involved. This is not to say that long-term harm may befall a character at any moment, but that players should engage story rather than hide from it.

Character-destroying moves by players without proper story build up is highly discouraged and will be overseen, adjudicated by the ARST staff when appropriate. PCs may opt-in to more aggressive play (sudden death, etc.) with other so interested player characters; PCs that are so interested are encouraged to directly express their interest with the ARST staff. The ARST staff will also do its best to inform players when they start to cross into these kinds of high threat level activities.

In general, antagonists that PC’s can expect to encounter in the Kumpania are: Internal Clan Conflicts Mortals, Werewolves and Ghosts.

Style Components

  • Action (Combat and challenges): 2
  • Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 5
  • Darkness (PC Corruption): 3
  • Death (PC Death): 2
  • Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4
  • Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 3
  • Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 3
  • Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4

ST Information

ST Name: Lucas Clendenen

ST Email: arst.masq@sc.mindseyesociety.org