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Commonly Known Information

Name: Kyra

Notable Traits: A thin, almost imperceptible layer of soft, downy fur on her skin.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel

Coterie: Pride of Gangrel

Position: Sheriff of New River Valley


Kyra joined the Pride in the early 20th Century and quickly proved herself an adept member of vampire society. She enjoyed the freedom the Gangrel had at that time to move from Domain to Domain and traveled with the Pride and on her own. With the Pride, she focused on the protection and aspirations of Elder Vytautus and her fellow Gangrel. When she struck out on her own, she either sought stories and knowledge or offered up her physical prowess to protect others or deal with ... problems.

Kyra's adventures include protecting the Masquerade in Europe during World War II (as well as other odd jobs) and protection jobs up and down the East Coast.

A few years ago, she reunited with her childe, who joined the Pride. After a brief visit to Raleigh North Carolina, she has made a home in the wilds of New River Valley, Virginia.

Recent Events

March 2018 - Kyra was made Sheriff of New River Valley.

Notable Quotes

Allies and Friends

Known Enemies


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OOC Information

Player: Lynn P US2016080053

Player Email:

Storyteller: James L

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Location: New River Valley, Virginia