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Deceased on 10/11/19

TJ Redux.jpg

Name: Tomás Javier Vogelstein-Rivera

Aliases: T.J., L0ckh3sh, Whiniest Neonate Ever

Clan: Tremere

Location: Manhattan, KS

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Sheriff


  • Acknowledged
  • Enforcer
  • Privileged
  • Courageous (LOL)

Physical Description:
T.J. is a chubby young man with neatly trimmed, dark facial hair and blue eyes behind half-rim framed glasses. He's almost always dressed in some manner of Marvel Comics paraphernalia, from a tee shirt, to a hoodie and a hat, and is never seen in public without a bluetooth headset, smartphone, and laptop. More rare, but still far from uncommon are science fiction novels.

Social Style:
'Lucky to still be alive' is a not-infrequent descriptor of the young technomancer, as he's given to being petulant, smart-mouthed and lazy. When engaged in conversation, he's often awkward and uncomfortable unless one wants to discuss comic books, MMO's, CCG's, or current trends in music and cinema; then, he's just awkward, being overexcited by having something to talk about.

Frequently, he's known to keep his nose buried in a book or to be actively playing an MMO during gatherings, to keep himself out of trouble.

Commonly Known Information

T.J. is, quite possibly, the most petulant person ever to be granted the Embrace.

Born in 1961 as Tomás Javier Vogelstein-Rivera, the son of a Telenovela actress and a wealthy man of Hebrew descent from the east coast of the United States. The pair settled in Kansas when his father founded a lucrative business venture there and their son grew up in the lap of luxury. Because his parents had lived through a world war and his grandparents had lived through the Depression, they saw to it that he never wanted for any smallest thing.

Try as they might to push him to excel or succeed, he took no interest in anything resembling responsibility and delved into his own hobbies instead. He took an early interest in electronics and even went so far as to attend college, obtaining a degree in computer science and engineering.

T.J.’s world changed with the advent of the World Wide Web. He became fascinated by its possibilities, and developed early versions of computer viruses and search engines, applying his knowledge to the growing information architecture and creating a moderately profitable business in information exchange.

It's unknown exactly how he came to the attention of House and Clan, much less House Aragón, but as trying as he can be...he hasn't yet met final death.

Lineage - House Aragón

Quotable Quotes

  • "Oh believe me primo, I can get you what you want...if you got the dinero. If you don't? Girl, bye." - T.J.
  • "Add a Quote." - Your Name Here


  • T.J. is a qualified second tier Judge for Magic: the Gathering.
  • He has run a campaign in every version of Dungeons & Dragons ever written.
  • Active participant in an excellent raiding guild on World of Warcraft.
    • Plays a Retribution Paladin.
  • Was an early developer and adherent of Technomancy, but has not moved beyond it, magically.
  • Has a habit for knowing people, or information about people, that can get things done.
  • Specializes in covering up Masquerade breaches.
    • And "information retrieval".
  • Will whine incessantly if made to leave the Chantry.
    • No, really.
  • Has been given the Negative Status of “Warned”, for looking at an Elder’s shoes and declaiming, “GURL. Those are *so* last season.”
  • Owns every last season of Project Runway and RuPaul’s Drag Race.
    • Considered entering under the name Saulot.
  • Will quote Margaret Cho at every opportunity.
    • Especially when it is least convenient for his superiors.
  • Has a shiny version of every Pokémon available.
  • Anyone who has threatened TJ has disappeared, leaving no trace behind.
  • Something changed in 2019...and for the first time in his brief history, T.J. has taken a Camarilla Court position.
    • Something else must've changed because he's also been seen to openly carry a pistol.
  • This one time, he went into the Nosferatu Warrens and came out completely unscathed.
    • The Nosferatu have taken out a contract on his life after he lead a war party into the depths of the Warrens to 'have a chat' with the "King Beneath the Sewers".
  • "Add a Rumor."

OOC Information

Domain: Manhattan, KS
Player: Kenny Cole
VST: Phil Major