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Information Known

Name: Krewe of the Red River


The Domain of Alexandria & Lake Charles:

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Acknowledge)
Bradley Herbert Brujah Primogen 1: Noble
Charles Wilhelm Ventrue Sheriff 2: Enforcer, Privileged
Kyle Toreador Primogen 1: Noble
Lillian Bezna Ventrue Harpy & Primogen 3: Prominent, Noble, Guardian
Louis Alvintzi Tremere Prince 3: Authority, Commander, Sovereign
Mathias Hunt du Val Ventrue 0:
Oliver Coven-DuMont Assamite Primogen 5: Noble, Confirmed, Honorable, Loyal, Established
Tetryl Nitro Tetrazene Assamite 0:
Tommy Valor Gangrel Scourge 1: Enforcer
Vivian St. Claire Toreador Seneschal 1: Noble
Walter Pennebaker Tremere Primogen 1: Noble


The Barony of Marksville::

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Committed)
James Cord (npc) Ravnos 0:
Jean Earhart Caitiff 0:
Morgen Malkavian 0:
Morrows Malkavian Ambassador 2: Established, Guardian
Oswould Crowley Malkavian 0:
Thayne Gallow Brujah 0:
Twitch Nosferatu 0:
Victor McCoy Gangrel Constable 3: Loyal, Enforcer, Warrant


The Independent Alliance Residency:

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Accepted)
Fideli Milliner Giovanni 0:
"Mister T" Follower of Set 0:
Neith Amunet unknown 0:
Victoria Rothstein-Milliner Giovanni 0:


The past year has seen two awkward Praxis changes. The Camarilla is hoping for a period of stability in the nights going forward but Sabbat rumblings and a recent Call To Arms from the Anarchs to keep the Sabbat penned up will test the nerves of all Kindred.


  • Formerly the home of a True Brujah
  • Formerly infested with Volgirre Toreador

OOC Information

Storyteller: Casey Turner

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