La Mariposa

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Ductus of La Última Tormenta

Bishop of Abbotsford


Member of the Romanian Legacy Foundation


Grandsire: Constantin Odobleja
Sire: Zână
Childer: Gideon


1745: Completed accounting under Constantin, left Romania.
1810: Returned to her birthplace in Mexico where the flight of the Monarchs sparked her dedication to the Path of Metamorphosis.
1880: Successfully mediated conflict between Sabbat and the Camarilla House Kincaid.
1900-1968: Travels extensively through the Americas.
1969: Resides in San Marcos, TX.
1999: During the events of the Red Star, Mariposa performs diplomatic errands for the Sabbat and dwells in Mexico most of the time before ultimately returning to Texas.
2012: A public disagreement with Darius over the Blood Accords inspires her to travel again.
2017: Mariposa accepts an offer from Anthony Diaz to claim new territory for the Sabbat in Abbotsford, B.C., where she currently resides.


On the Origin of Species
Charles Darwin
Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium
Maria Sibylla Merian

Maria Sibylla Merian
Naturalist, Entomologist, Scientific Illustrator
Josephine Baker
Dancer & French Resistance Agent
Mirabal Sisters (Las Mariposas)
Dominican Revolutionaries

Padmé Amidala
Star Wars
Satine Kryze
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Cosima Niehaus
Orphan Black

The Rite of Spring
Igor Stravinsky
Bloody Mary
Lady Gaga

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"To have a solid foundation of skepticism, -that is to say, the faculty of changing at any moment, of turning back, of facing successively the metamorphoses of life." -- Rémy de Gourmont


Mariposa is a Koldunic Sorceress and Zhupan that draws inspiration from insects to achieve metamorphosis. After dedicating herself to her Path, a kaleidoscope of butterflies flock to her everywhere she goes. She has worked since the 1800s as a diplomat in inter-sect conflict and is a staunch supporter of the Chicago Blood Accords. Throughout clan and sect she is known as a spiritualist and social butterfly, though since the Nights of Turmoil her demeanor has become a bit more serious and she is focused on the survival of the Sabbat. It is no secret that Mariposa diablerized her true sire but their identity remains unknown, and instead she claims her surrogate and closest House-mate, Zână, as her sire. Her unlife-long affair with Darius Escarra ended abruptly with his death, and caused many changes for The Butterfly. She left the only faction she'd ever known, the Orthodoxy, to join her sire and start anew in the Order of Saint Blaise.

Zână and La Mariposa of House Vratislav.

Leafbullet.png "La Mariposa is delicate in that she has crafted herself with intricate quality. Do not mistake this for frailty, for she is far stronger than she first appears." - Zână
Leafbullet.png "Beautiful." - Ansel
 Leafbullet.png "She disassembles herself so that she can take on a fresh form, to explore it's potentials and limitations. It is the most beautiful thing that a being can do." - Maeve
Leafbullet.png "Blinded by propaganda from a holy curiosity of which she so clearly yearns, Mariposa is a tragic example of what happens to great minds within the Sabbat. I hope I helped loosen her shackles, but that is likely vanity. My own curiosity has me obsessed with learning what she now thinks of the lies she was told. Perhaps with this new Accord, I'll get my answers soon enough." - Liam Kincaid
Leafbullet.png "Creepy bitch. Seriously, six eyes?! Who the hell needs six eyes?!" Lucius Brown
Leafbullet.png "The Mariposa is an annoying creature, but if one can look past all of the incessant and unwanted mothering you will find the wisdom of one beyond it's years. While it has much to learn, it also has much to teach... Remember that " Tyrus
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Leafbullet.png Mariposa hasn't ever diablerized and lies to fit in with other Cainites.
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La Mariposa

Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Abbotsford, BC
Player: Zoe Miller
VST: Greg Bullard

Please email me any questions about this character, making ties, or if you have an interest in playing a Tzimisce and would like some help!

Possible Character Ties:
Leafbullet.png Tzimisce and Kolduns- Mariposa is a Zhupan and loves to meet new members of her clan to socialize, advise, and collaborate on research, rituals, and crafting projects.
Leafbullet.png Path of Metamorphosis- Perhaps you want to learn about the path, compare transformations, or become initiated and have a tutor.
Leafbullet.png Order of Saint Blaise- Mariposa has only recently joined the Order (January 2018) and would love guidance from others.
Leafbullet.png Orthodoxy- Mariposa recently left the Orthodoxy (December 2017), maybe you're curious why, or you simply wish to stay connected to an old friend.
Leafbullet.png Neonates and Panders- Would you like an ally who may occasionally prod you with questions about your unlife and shower you with admiration? Mariposa openly believes the thin-bloods and Panders are the future of the Sabbat and the key to winning the war against the Antediluvians.

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