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  • Infernalists

Name: Lacey (No last name she'll ever admit to)

Clan: Daughter of Cacophony

Sect: Anarchs

Position: Ambassador

Notable Traits: Pink hair, usually wears black leather & lace with hot pink ribbons

Current Location: Rome, GA

Life is a Song

Lacey was a fairly popular singer on the rise in Chicago when she was embraced in the early 90s. She’s been in numerous classic rock bands but always leaves before they start to become too famous, probably out of a lack of desire to put in the amount of effort required to hide what she is while in the public eye. Old school rock and roll is her main sound but she frequently branches out into other (sometimes weird and esoteric) genres whenever she gets bored.

She lived in Chicago until about a year ago when she left for unknown reasons. She wandered around the country for a while before deciding to set up in Rome, GA in order to spend more time with Aiden, her youngest (and favorite) broodmate. Her older broodmate, Dimitri, recently sought her out and also seems to have decided to settle in Rome. She was elected as Ambassador of the Rome Anarchs after Aiden stepped down.


Whispers on the Wind

♫ Lacey is weirdly tight lipped and evasive on the subject of her sire, if pressed she’ll say she doubts she’ll ever come visit and then change the subject.
♫ No one knows why she left Chicago. It probably wasn't voluntary though.
♫ She’s mentioned having more siblings besides Aiden and Dimitri but never really talks about them for some reason.
♫ She once got into a prank war with a bunch of Gangrel that only ended when one of them was accidentally put into torpor.
♫ She is actually much, much older than she claims.
♫ She once drove an ex who cheated on her so insane that he willingly walked into the sun to escape the emotional turmoil.
♫ Keep a wary eye out for the birds...

What They Say

"What've you said?" – You

OOC Information

Player: Lauren Agne

Player Email:

Storyteller: Samuel G.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Rome, GA