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Clan: Tremere/ Telyav
Sect: Sabbat
Titles: NA
Positions: NA
Domain: Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR Masquerade - VSS
Player: Laura Harrison
ST: Damon Edwards
Wiki Designer: Lori C. US2013030066


Lacosta Blight was born in France in 1821 and embraced in 1853. Not much is known about her life before she joined up with her current pack, of which she is the eldest member. She performs in a carnival called Phantasmoagoria as a fortune teller by the name of Madam Blight. She is a known loyalist, but has been recently seen in the company of a Templar.


Startquote.png "Its been said she controls a great deal of Pine Bluff through her Tarot readings." Endquote.png ~ Anon


Startquote.png "She looks like an extremely pretty lizard, but she is shockingly welcoming and her soothsayer card gift is true. Beware." Endquote.png ~ Clementine