Lady Damia

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Grandsire- Narses Laevinus Cato

Sire- Osvif Skorrisson

Childer- Daniel Steele
David Hamilton

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  • Born in the 1200s
  • Lived as a monk for some time as a mortal
  • Embraced by Osvif Skorrisson around 1250
  • Is an expert in the creation of Illuminated Manuscripts

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  • "Elder Damia has evinced a respectable love for the occult. Whether this is due to its draw as a source of mystery or the beauty of such artifacts remains to be seen." - Felix Winchester
  • "As her sire I should have paid more attention to her upbringing, But I am happy she didn't stay around and hinder her own future. Explore and see the world." - Osvif Skorrisson
  • "When you picture the ideal Elder Toreador of the Tower, you are seeing Lady Damia." - Alice Roux
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Lady Damia

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: [mailto:]
VST: Nick Kice

Player: [Terry Broekers]
MES Number: US2010076351
Location: Austin, TX
Images made by Melanie Green, code by Alex Henning-Pavkov