Lady Von Jagar

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Name: Marigold Von Jagar
Alias: Lady Von Jagar
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 8th
Society: Camarilla
Dignitas: Respected

Notable Traits

  • Elder many years
  • Quiet and thoughtful
  • Attends each issue with thought to how it affects the inner working of the city before the individual
  • Has a love of historical trains and antique butterflies
  • Is quite easily irritated when someone believes her to be Russian instead of Transylvanian

Vonjagarcrest.gif Lineage: House Durandal

Whispers in the Dark

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  • She faked her own death by helicopter crash in order to plot her revenge against the usurpers of her throne.
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Acquaintances, Allies, and Associates
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Public Opinion
From the Lady's Own Lips

  • “I see that you broke something and you came to me to fix it… Do you think this was the correct course of action?”
  • “My second he spins like a top… it is so much fun to watch.”
  • “Sometimes the cogs need to be replaced and the demolition is where it gets fun.”

From Others

  • "Lady Von Jagar... she brings to mind Proverbs 31:25. "She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." Is this truly the righteous path she is meant to follow? The Lord will reveal. God Bless her in these long nights." - Enzo DuBois
  • "She knows how to lead, and she speaks her mind. Never thought I'd hear a dignified lady offer threats of violence relating to high heels, but there you have it. Plus she doesn't seem too displeased with me hanging around Elysium. Well, hopefully not. High heels are no joke in a scuffle." - Samuel Jones
  • "Such strength, grace, und genorosity in de face such adversity... Truely if dis is what Transalvian nobility can turn out, de Tower may have yet another bright flame. I wonder if she would be wanting a reading of her palms. It must be in her blood Greatness often is found der." - Black Lilac
  • "My Prince is wise, commanding, creative, monstrous, and looks ravishing in a good pair of heels. Who wouldn't serve her willingly?" - Adrien Reynard
  • "Another from the Old World, with the understanding of manners that entails. It is a relief to have another who remembers the Old Ways." - Christopher Drake
  • "Dallas is not a place I am familiar with, and I met her only by chance. Nonetheless, she listened, quietly and patiently as I conversed with another Elder of her clan, and was honored with her Favour." - Ethel Rhodes
  • "Quote!" - You

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Janeway US2015060057

Storyteller: TBD

Location: Dallas

Approval Number: USA-SC-VC-1706-038235