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Name: Lagasek

Supernatural Type: Mage

Union: Explorer's Union

Chartered Company: Still looking! Need a pilot?

Notable Traits:
Veteran of the Silent War
Crack Fighter Pilot

A Wanderer's Tale

Every system has its story. Humanity has spread far and wide among the stars, but that has brought new risks where we had once thought it would be our species' key to survival. Our tales of Earth-that-Was speak of a humanity that failed in stewardship of its ancestral home, the planet that gave us birth left behind because we ruined it in our hubris... and we founded the Core Worlds to start over, to do better the second time. In its adulthood our species learned of the Stygian Gates and used them to make new homes throughout not just the Core but the Expanse and Verge as well, and though we know little of the elder race whose technology is so vital to our success we missed the most important fact of all: they're long gone.

Rather than see this as a cautionary tale, we expanded far and fast only to find that we were not alone, and the other sentient races that exist in this part of space sees us as a threat to their continued survival - and became a threat to ours, in turn. The Thurisaz. The Silent. We'd hoped that in our species' newfound adulthood we might leave war behind, for what point was there in fighting over even an entire planet when there were plenty more of those to be found? But then extinction was at risk, and we fought accordingly. Billions died. Entire systems full of people disappeared, and if we're being honest death was the best of all possible outcomes for them because the alternative would be unendurable. And as all of Humanity stood to push back the threat, we saw what had tried to stay hidden inside of its ranks, outsiders who looked like kin because they wore our skin as a false mask to hide in.

I was scared of the Supers, as any other veteran of the Silent Wars would be, because I had faced them on the field of battle directed by an alien will that sought to eradicate us and them alike. All it takes is one werewolf, one vampire, one wizard to take down hundreds of soldiers trying to take down the strange creatures that invaded our homes and pushed us from world to world in decades of painful retreat. I was just as for the Supernatural Suppression Act as the next Marine serving in a post-war capacity with the Empyrean Defense Fleet... and then I woke up.


Socket - O Captain My Captain.
Ehroth - Who can kick my ass without even noticing we're fighting.
Axion Attonborough - Somebody really ought to turn his pockets out.
Magnus Duskthorne - Apparently the Doc and I work great together... I make the armor, then he patches me back together when it's not enough.

Quotes & Rumors

  • Someone messed with him once. We still don't know what happened to the poor Sod
  • Has a kink for being shot.
  • Lag enjoys rocket fuel. Too much perhaps.
  • Feel free to add your own!


  • "Captain Lag is a good man. With a good heart and sharp mind. Iskra likes him very much" Iskra
  • "Lag will clothe you. Yes, he really will. Ask him. I love my jumpsuit." Magnus Duskthorne

OOC Information

Player: Sean McKeown

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jillian Christensen

Storyteller Email:

Location: New York City, NY