Laila Osborn

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Laila Osborn

Appearance/Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2 (seems even prettier when using Alien Allure). In her early or mid 20s, 5'4" (seems taller when using Looming Presence), with a curvaceous build, pale skin, dark eyes, and short dark brown hair. Surprisingly strong for her height and build. She typically dresses in jeans and t-shirts, often with T. rex-related graphics, and is generally cheerful and friendly unless given reason not to be.

Type: Beast

Character Type Subgroup: Anakim Predator. Legend: Savage. Life: [very new PC, still trying to pick the right adjective]

Horror Description: A Tyrannosaurus rex, appearing somewhere between the latest scientific depictions and the traditional slimmer, more upright one that's still so many people's mental image of one. Though most of its skin is scaly and some shade of brown, it has a crest of primitive feathers in a surprising shade of light purple, almost like a mohawk. This is perhaps why Laila sometimes refers to it as "Mr. T" - though of course it has no pity whatsoever for fools.


Born and raised in a small town outside of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Laila's family was fairly poor. Only an average student, Laila nonetheless developed a keen interest in dinosaurs thanks to recurrent nightmares of being chased by a T. rex. But she dropped out of high school after realizing her grades and lack of money couldn't get her into an out-of-state school, and nowhere in-state was any good for later eras of paleontology because quirks of erosion had left the entire state totally lacking in more-recent fossil layers. Feeling hopelessly trapped and no closer to escaping her nightmares, she turned to alcohol and meth, and eventually got pregnant by god-only-knows-who... well on her way to becoming just another statistic of the misery of the rural poor.

Fortunately for her, at rock bottom, she found it in her to face the monster of her nightmares - and woke from drug-binge-induced miscarriage as a Beast. Declaring bankruptcy to deal with the impossibly large hospital bills, and refusing to go back to her hometown, Laila took to the streets of Fond du Lac with little more than a duffle bag full of clothing. Surviving by violence thanks to her new, Horror-granted talents, she was soon found by the other local Beasts, who taught her the ropes, gave her a job as security at the water park one of them runs, and hooked her up with an apartment in a lousy part of town, since she has little to fear from the mundanes and can only benefit from them causing her trouble.

Having only become a Beast in early 2018 and begun meeting other supernaturals this summer, she's friendly, cheerful and even hopeful... and quite clueless about the real impact of the Ten Second War.


  • "Her other half terrifies me yet Laila herself puts me at ease. She epitomizes the truth of the metaphor not to judge a book by it's cover." - Regan
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  • "Mr. T" gained the strength to become a full-fledged Horror almost entirely thanks to the original Jurassic Park movie.
  • "Mr. T" has been a Beast's Horror at least once before, shortly after fossils of the species were first discovered during the Edwardian Era.
  • "Mr. T" thinks you look delicious.
  • Laila will also answer to "Sue". This may or may not be her actual middle name.
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Friends and Family

  • Regan
  • Junior - Beast coworker
  • Becky - Beast who owns the water park
  • Mara
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OOC Information

Player: Emily Bond

Player Email:

Storyteller: Lewis Baustian

Storyteller Email:

Location: player: Connecticut. character: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (GL online VSS).