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The History of the Lake Area Awakened

While the odd apostate walked the area long before westerners arrived on the shores of Louisiana there was no organized consilium in the Lake Area until the 1880’s when the Lake area’s population began to boom and those of mystical knowledge began to propagate the city.

At first the group of mages was small and had little need to hide save to adhere to tradition. They formed as a small occultist group in public under the leadership of Dr. Lenard Gale (Goldman) who became the area’s first Heirarch of Lake Charles’ Consilium.

Under his rule the foundations for what would become one of the most well maintained and organized Consiliums in North America were erected. Lay Lines were mapped, Hollows were created, Sanctums established, Libraries of mystic and arcane secrets written, and hidden sanctuaries created in case of emergencies.

By the time of Dr. Gale’s passing in 1930 what had once been a small group of six men had become massive undertaking of numerous cabals all working together. Much of this growth was due to the success of Kimberly LeMay (Starwatcher) who headed up the Sentinels of the Consilium. Through her tireless efforts and skill with the Fate Arcanum newly awakened individuals were almost always found and recruited before they could become Apostates, Banishers, or worse.

And while there were occasional incidents with Banishers causing problems or incursions with Seers of the Throne who wished to infiltrate the area the spirit of comradery that Dr. Gale had instilled in the Consilium allowed most of the cabals to work together seamlessly in order to combat threats.

During this time it was the efforts of Amadaus that kept mortals from noticing such incursions. Holding the office of Interfector from 1960 through the Great Purge Amadaus was known for his efficiency and often ruthlessness in carrying out not only his duties in regards to carrying out the sentences of the consilium but also in ensuring that no mortal witnessed any magical events or actions.

But this city that had risen so high would soon fall as many of their members went to fight in the timeless war and were betrayed by the cult of the Nephilim. Worse yet others, who had remained to keep the city running were killed in the backlash of the event while others were sent into comas never to wake again. Many of the city’s officers perished in the wake of the Icarus Event leaving those that remained scattering to restore order. And it was in this chaos that the sleepers began to awaken. Without the resources to track them as they once did the Consilum found itself surrounded by newly awakened mages going mad from their powers, banishers who lashed out at the magic they’d been gifted, and the Seers of the Throne who finally saw their opportunity to topple the Concilium.

As members of cabals were picked off one by one the old mansion of Dr. Gale in Lake Charles’s historic district, having been compromised by Banishers, was abandoned as the Consiluim’s meeting grounds with it’s mystic library spirited away by the Mysterium for safe keeping. Each of the cabals soon went silent with the last call being sent by Amadaus himself noting that Radio Silence was to be maintained as well as a warning to stay safe and hidden until such time as the Concilium could rise again.

Notable Individuals During the Icarus Event

Notable Individuals During the Icarus Event

By the time of the Great Purge the Lake Charles Consilium held 20 members with 5 separate cabals under the diamond and a small group of 6 mages who represented the Free Council. Their officers were-

Heirarch: King; Silver Ladder, Moros (Found dead after event backlash)

Herald: Thatch; Mysterium, Acanthus (Found dead after event backlash)

Interfector: Amadaus; Obrimos, Guardian of the Veil (Missing)


Stormy; Obrimos, Adamantine Arrow (Died in Icarus Event)

Gunn; Thyrsus, Adamantine Arrow (Died in Icarus Event)

Quill; Acanthus, Free Council (Killed by Banishers)

Cleo; Obrimos, Guardian of the Veil (Died transporting Library to Mysterium Hideout)

Councilors and Provost:

Warp; Mastigos Councilor, Guardian of the Veil (Missing)

Synope; Mastigos Provost, Mystigos (Died in Icarus Event)

Mourn; Moros Councilor, Silver Ladder (Missing)

Wells; Moros Provost, Guardian of the Veil (Died in Event Backlash)

Tracker; Thyrsus Councilor, Silver Ladder (Went into coma during Event Backlash, missing)

Artimus; Thyrsus Provost, Adamantine Arrow (Died transporting Library to Mysterium Hideout)

Monk; Obrimos Councilor, Silver Ladder (Missing)

Stormy; Obrimos Provost, Adamantine Arrow (Died in Icarus Event)

Malachi; Acanthus Councilor, Mystigos (Missing)

Kale; Acanthus Provost, Silver Ladder (Died in Event Backlash)



  • While many banishers refuse to work together one group awakened at the same time and are believed to have formed a militant cult devoted to hunting down any with arcane powers.
  • While Dr. Gale is dead the business he created still lives on and may even have some hidden secrets that Gale kept for himself.
  • While King was the Heirarch at the time of the purge there were those that believed Amadaus was more fit to lead and may have been plotting to overthrow him.
  • While it was never confirmed for safety reasons the Consilium’s shared library may have been successfully transported to the Mysterium’s secret fall back location. If so there is likely a treasure trove of magical texts still in the city.
  • While the goal of the Seers of the Throne was the destruction of the Consilium it is likely that some stuck around in the ruins of their hated enemy’s great city.
  • The Adamantine Arrow were said to have a secret sanctum somewhere deep in a forest. No one but they knew what happened there but new recruits would often go there and come back far more adept with their magics.
  • The Silver Ladder were known for almost always holding councilor positions. It was said that they would often bribe other members of their path to allow them to hold these positions. Though no one who may have been bribed ever said with what.
  • While the Free Council were small in the area they were said to have a very secure fall back position and established radio silence faster than any of the other orders. Either they were eliminated first or...
  • The Guardians of the Veil often wrote secret letters in strange magical codes to each other in order to keep their movements and orders secret. But during the Purge a new indecipherable code was found likely written by Amadaus himself. Whatever it said could be very important.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Mage Template