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History of the Lake Area Forsaken

This story is true.

Perhaps the oldest of all the supernatural creatures to inhabit this area the Uratha have lived in the lands of the Adai since the first men called it home. Long before westerners came to these shores Mother Luna’s children have watched over this land and kept the balance. But the flesh is weak and even Father Wolf succumbed to old age and battle wounds eventually. Families of wolven blood have come and gone passing the torch to new packs and new families breeding into them or dying out. But always the balance was kept.

Even as Europeans came to these lands and pushed out the old ways the families saw fit to intermarry with the newcomers so that the blood of the wolf might survive. Buildings were raised and spirits were thrown into disarray and the march of humanity pushed against nature. And while this made the duties of the Uratha infinitely harder they would adapt. So it was that in 1920 a Moot was called in which all the packs of the Uratha gathered and divided the lands and their responsibility for them according to Parish Lines. 5 families would form 5 packs.

Cameron Parish would go to the Landry’s who’s alpha, Speaks with Death, sought to keep their pack and their area close to nature. It is said that the family did their best to make sure that the imprint of humans was lessened here keeping Cameron’s population low.

Jeff Davis Parish would go to the Savoy’s who’s alpha, Rage Bringer, sought to keep the all-important interstate highway safe managing outposts of biker bars who would regularly patrol the rural areas and streets.

Allen Parish would go to the Cormier’s who’s alpha, Dances in Mist, took a stealthier approach constantly moving their territory and ferreting out intruders or enemies in silence. Never did a problem arise in their parish that escaped it’s borders.

Beauregard Parish would go to the Davis’s who’s alpha, Mocks Men With Knives, began a more social approach integrating her family with the area and using them to disseminate information instead of solely relying on spirits.

And Calcasieu Parish would go to the Smith’s who’s alpha, Whispers to Towers, used his family to start a security company and took advantage of mortal technology in order to control their parish.

Each family was a pack and each pack worked with each other. For each had their strengths and each had their weaknesses. And while the Uratha were few in number they used this to their advantage. For no among the countless troubled sprits or the Pure could anticipate the actions of all five packs at the same time.

But as I said before. All things come to an end.

In 2012 members of each pack left to go to war. Only a few left as each pack had only a one or two to spare. But in the end The Icarus Event destroyed them regardless. No member returned and in the backlash of the event several pack members in each family would be struck down. The packs did their best to keep the peace but the forward march of man had weakened them to the breaking point already. Now, it was only a matter of time until a wave of hunters and Foul Spirits would destroy each family one Uratha at a time. By the end of the year there were only a handful of Uratha left.

And so the faithful of Father Wolf hid and did their best to keep what little balance in the Spirit world they could praying for a day that they might reunite and join with a pack once more.

Notable Uratha During The Icarus Event

  • Rage Bringer; Rahu, Red Talon (Last Seen Holding off several Pure in the Spirit World, Presumed Dead)
  • Whispers to Tower; Irraka, Iron Master (Killed in Event Backlash)
  • Mocks Men with Knives; Cahalith, Storm Lord (Missing)
  • Dances in Mist; Irraka, Hunter in Darkness (Killed by Hunters)
  • Speaks with Death; Elidoth, Bone Shadow (Killed by Hunters)


  • Whispers to Tower’s security company is still up and running. It may have some of his family members still running it and keeping tabs on things.
  • Cameron Parish, due to Speaks with Death’s proficiency with tending to sprits, is home to both powerful and well nurtured spirits. Perhaps they can learn to respect a new Alpha.
  • Just before the Icarus Event a cult of Spirit Ridden humans was being investigated in Allen Parish. Where they are and what they are doing now is anyone’s guess.
  • Rage Bringer was known to sport a number of powerful fetish weapons as he had an unusual habit of constantly breaking them in fights on accident. The pieces of some of these weapons could be useful if found.
  • Mocks men With Knives was the only member of her pack to survive the even and chose to hide by herself instead of with any of the other survivors. She may still be alive...somewhere.
  • The biker bars that belonged to Rage Bringer have mostly closed down but no one seems to be buying their property.
  • Dances in Mist’s pack was always shrouded in secrecy. Few even knew how many members he had. Perhaps there are a few laying low still hiding in Allen Parish.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Werewolf Template