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History of the Lake Area Lost

Changelings have existed in the five parish area for as long as anyone can remember if not longer. Legends of the Adai Indians spoke of some who would vanish, kidnapped by some strange creature, only to come back changed. But as time marched on these entities that took mortals into the mists began to prey on settling Europeans as well. And so it was in 1790 that the first recorded instance of a Changeling Freehold was noted. While there seems to have been a Freehold before this the nature of writing down Freehold history only began when western mortals began to be taken.

From this The Freehold of the Wayward Souls was born.

From records the Spring court held a majority of the Freehold Members from 1790 to 1850 under King Maxwell the Everblooming. It was not until Summer of 1850 that King Maxwell finally passed on his duties to another stating that his goal of creating a well-balanced Freehold that could withstand their enemies and support each other was complete. After 1850 the title of Seasonal King was passed to another ever change of the seasons almost without fail. Each season marked a new time for the freehold with Summer being a time when the Freehold went on the offence raiding and destroying threats in the hedge and in the mortal world, Autumn would be a time of searching and filtering out any remaining threats that had gone to ground since the summer, Winter would be a time of morning as the raids ended and those that were lost were accounted for, and Spring would remain a time of renewal and gathering resources so that the summer raids would be well prepared for.

Records also note that in 1920 the Freehold saw great success under the Summer King Jabril, the Slayer of Gods, who led a fore into the hedge and saw combat with what was recorded as his keeper. And while many were lost the Freehold defeated the keeper and it’s forces in a battle that would be etched into the wooden walls of the freehold itself. And while some debate that the keeper’s death was merely a trick by the keeper to cover it’s escape the Freehold did note a distinct drop in hedge activity from enemy forces for the next three decades.

Up until modern times the Freehold saw relative peace with it’s changeling community growing slowly but steadily. Gone were the times of war and raids where their kind fought for survival. Soon the Freehold became more about helping those who passed through with the emotional trauma of their experiences in Arcadia.

The Freehold Hollow itself was located in a small biker bar between Moss Bluff and Lake Charles and strange signs pointing to the bar could be found all across the area. It was said that the freehold was so large that it could be accessed from each of the 5 parishes in the area through specific doors. However the locations of these doors and the signs leading to them were either lost or destroyed. For many of the Summer Court went to fight in the 10 second war and none returned. The Freehold was momentarily left defenseless and those changelings who sought to pick up the slack taking up the duties of the Summer Court were rapidly killed off by the increasingly efficient hunters, huntsman, and others that rose up during the great purge.

Soon the halls of the Freehold were silent and their hearths grew cold as none were left to light them. And while the Freehold itself was never raided those few that were left boarded up it’s doors and fled hoping to one day return.

Notable Lost During the Icarus Event

  • Norrin the Woodspeaker; Elemental, Spring Court (Missing)
  • Maria Manyeyes; Darkling, Autumn Court (Missing)
  • Darrius Thunderstriker; Ogre, Summer Court (Missing)
  • Artimus the Coward (Formerly the Bold); Wizened, Winter Court (Missing)
  • Kennith the Stag King; Beast, Spring Court (Missing)

  • While Keepers do their best to never summon a single huntsman too much they seemed to summon one particular huntsman more often due to it’s incredible success rates. It is said that his name was used as a curse in the freehold and is carved into it’s walls.
  • Many of the doors to the Freehold may still be active if hidden so that should a group of changelings find it they might start the Freehold anew.
  • There exists somewhere in Cameron the Sword of Jabril who slew his keeper. Forged in fires that have been burning since the dawn of man it is said that only those who are truly worthy can wield it.
  • The Autumn Court was always the most prepared of all the courts knowing that someday the eternal Spring of the Freehold would end. It is said that they once gathered deep in the woods of Cameron where passersby can sometimes hear eerie crying.
  • The Winter Court once founded a mental health facility in Lake Charles so that they could legally obtain drugs to assist in their therapy sessions. It is possible the owners and operators of this facility are still loyal to the Court.
  • The Summer Court was said to be exceptionally talented at finding ways behind their enemy’s defenses. And while they kept this secret to themselves it was whispered that one of the long dead Summer Kings made a detailed magical map that aided them in their raids.
  • The Spring Court’s roots in this area are longer than any other court and their ability to always find supplies for the Summer raids seemed almost impossible at times. Some suspected that they hid caches of useful items and supplies across the area that only a true Summer Court member would know how to find.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Changeling Template