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"Mortal" History of the Lake Area

The world of mortals is what you see around you. It’s history is well recorded. It’s event’s are covered on the TV, Radio, Print, and more recently the Internet. But what often doesn’t get recorded, or even less often believed, are the stranger things that happen just under the veneer of mortal society. The things that Mulder would have said he “Wanted to Believe” in.

Of this perhaps the first occultists were the shamans of the Adai Indians who populated these lands long before Europeans did. Through their oral traditions they cataloged legends and tales and some say even spoke to the spirits themselves. And while many discount them as mere relics of a more superstitious time the name Walks With Wind is still spoken of by American Indian descendants today as a great storyteller and some say even prophet who was killed before his time.

Once western settlers arrived in the 1700’s a man named Dr. Monroe was heralded, after his death of course, as one of the first occultists of the area who ran the LaBlue settlement’s only bookshop back in its early days. Nearly a hundred years later one Dr. Gale, a self-described occultist himself, described Dr. Monroe’s work in cataloging the strange and seemingly supernatural incidents of the new settlement fascinating.

In the 1880’s Dr. Gale set up the area’s first gentleman’s club for those interested in literature and, what his detractors described as, fanciful pursuits of an ungodly nature. While his club met in secret and seemed to be more of a prototypical supernatural fanclub one rejected member by the name of Alex Preve often declared that Dr. Gale and those of his ilk were conducting secret rituals of a satanic nature within his mansion which now lies in the Historic District of Downtown Lake Charles.

All was relatively quiet in the area until a small story began to circulate that during the Fire of 1910 in Lake Charles a man by the name of Roy Butler saw two men fighting in the flames in a way that was described as unnatural. Two witnesses later corroborate his story but soon admitted that they were drunk at the time and could not remember the event properly. Roy served six years in prison soon after on assault charges after attacking the police chief and died in prison.

In the 1960 several events transpired as the country’s mind began to embrace more fantastic ideas with the advent of modern sci-fi and ideals of spiritualty began to resurface. During this time a short lived academy for the study of psycadelic drugs was founded near McNeese and summarily discontinued as it was revealed that the head of the academy, David Long, was attempting to unlock the psychic abilities of others by feeding them massive doses of LSD.

In 1972 a biker by the name of Steven Landry wrote a book about how he’d been kidnapped by aliens right out from a bar he frequented outside Lake Charles city limits.

In 1983 a Vietnamese immigrant fisherman named George Tran in Cameron filed a police report that garnered a great deal of local attention as he claimed he saw a large wolf-like creature walking through the swamp. This later was turned into several supernatural novels and a movie that was never finished due to the production company filing for bankruptcy.

And in 2006 a small occult group by the name of Lake Charles Ghost Trappers was founded to investigate supernatural occurrences in the area. The group received a local TV deal in 2007 due to the popularity of the show Ghost Hunters and aired for 2 seasons early in the morning on KPLC. It was canceled soon after and the group disbanded splitting off into several groups in 2012.

Notable Mortals After the Icarus Event

  • David Long; Age: 72, Founded the Academy for the Study of Latent Abilities
  • Steven Landry; Age: 57, Wrote the book “Aliens Wear Leather Too”
  • George Tran; Age: 48, Claims he saw a Rougaru in the swamps of Cameron parish while fishing
  • James Worth; Age: 30, Founded Lake Charles Ghost Trappers and is currently in jail for tax evasion


  • While interviews with David Long have been made in the past by local news agencies he refuses to speak about the results of his research.
  • Cameron Parish has always been fairly unpopulated but in recent years ghost sightings in the forests have been through the roof.
  • Steven Landry isn’t the most friendly fellow but it’s said he still likes to hang out at the same bar he was allegedly abducted from and will tell his story to anyone who buys him a drink.
  • George Tran is a wealthy man now having sold his story to a number of authors but maintains that most never get the story quite right because they say it’s too unbelievable.
  • James Worth was arrested back in 2017 for tax evasion but claims he was arrested to shut him up about what he “really” knows.
  • Several mansions in the downtown historical district claim to be the old home of Dr. Gale but the Historical Office seems to have lost the records of which house he actually lived in.
  • There were only a few copies of Dr. Monroe’s book, “The Unnatural Findings of Louisiana” ever made but it is supposedly a fascinating read.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Mortal Template